Our life is the greatest mystery of all. As we grow older, everything around and inside us changes. Our perception, personality, choices, every second thing that we were accustomed to, changes in a snap. While transferring from the phase of childhood to adulthood, somehow we seem to lose the inner child within us. Here, I am not only talking about the childlike innocence that we used to possess in our childhood but the entire package.

The Truth Of Adulthood

Growing up is natural and the most normal thing. While doing that, we tend to forget to protect the child inside us. The child, who is fascinated and curious about everything that exists on the face of Earth. The child, who never ceases to stay positive even in the worst of times.

With adulthood comes bigger responsibilities. When you become an adult, the circle you are in doesn’t treat your mistakes as mistakes anymore. They become a part of you, a flaw that can never be erased. Now, because of that so-called ‘flaw’, we are afraid to do what our heart actually wants. We lose the battle even before the war.

Inner Child And Healing

The adult inside us, sometimes can get tired and lose energy, but the child is not willing to do that. It will always find a way to rejuvenate. It will make you dream again, like when you were younger. The child will force you to try one more time after every failure. No matter what the world says, the child will never lose its hope over you.

Why you may ask. It is because that is you. The small kid that believes in you. That allows you to be happy with the small things around you. It doesn’t need a reason to smile, even a small butterfly can make it happy. If your childlike innocence still exists, remember it’s not your weakness, it’s your strength.

A strength, that makes you daring enough to dream and be hopeful in this world, where surviving is difficult. So, do yourself a favour and don’t let the inner child die. Stay curious, stay hopeful and let’s find happiness in small things like you used to do when you were a kid.