Everyone has a different definition of life. Before you start fancy something with the title I would like to say that this is my definition of LIFE. Yes, life is just a cycle from Dawn to Dark and again to Dawn. Sounds so simple, isn't it? Well, life is simple, It all depends on our perceptions. I see it in a very simple way!! It starts with the bright light you step into this world witnessing this light for the first time everything around you must have been soo cheerful so many loving souls might have welcomed you into this world. Slowly this light starts to fade away very slowly darkness takes charge every one of us must have undergone this darkest period in our life. Again this darkness has different definitions in everyone's life, some might have lost important people from their life, some might have lost their careers or dreams, some might have failed to keep up their promises, some might have done something terrible, some might have been in anger, grief, regret, guilt or anything that brings discomfort. But it's okay you are not the only one. Everyone goes through this period but in a slightly different version. We all feel things slightly differently. Therefore we all suffer slightly differently. You can't measure it. You'll wonder how you'll come out of it you'll feel terrible you'll feel like this is the end but see... you do come out of it. Now, what keeps you alive in this phase??? No matter who you are! No matter what's your problem is! No matter how deep you are affected! The thing which keeps us alive is


Everything in our life is somehow connected to hope

  • HOPE of seeing that bright light again

  • HOPE to end this discomfort

  • HOPE of putting end card to this chapter

  • HOPE of meeting that one long lost friend 'Happiness'

Thus hope is our mechanism to deal with risks and the possibility of inaction. It keeps us alive when we think nothing is worth living for and anything we do can't change that. It helps us get back on our feet. Motivates us to take that leap of faith.

'Hope keeps us moving ahead all the time'

It appears as a little ray of sunshine peering through our window and this little light one day or other leads you to the brightest light again. As I said life is nothing but a cycle from dawn to dark and again to dawn.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? - Percy Bysshe Shelly


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Go girl! I’m a great fan of your writing ✍️