The Importance Of Doing Breakfast Daily

Rakshita Upadhyay
Jun 22, 2019   •  41 views

All round the world most of the doctors and dietitians believe that consuming breakfast daily is the most important thing to do before starting off your day. Breakfast itself means breaking the fast the body has taken whole night. It recharges and refuels the body and prepares it for the daily chores. It is recommended to eat breakfast like a ‘king’ and it should be more than the lunch and dinner. Unfortunately this is not as simple as it looks, trends have shown that most of the people round the world especially the young population often miss their breakfast or do not consume enough. This results in a decreased productivity and the person feels sleepy or lazy all day long.

What should a healthy breakfast be made of?

It is often questioned by most of the people that what they should eat as a healthy breakfast. At present when people are focusing more on dieting and losing weight, there has been a great change in the food the people consume as breakfast. People usually consume fruit juices, chocolate bars or some random readymade thing from the market which neither completes their morning energy requirements nor is healthy. So what should a breakfast plate be made of? Most importantly it should be rich in carbs and protein. Fibers, fats, and micronutrients should be in required amounts. You can even complement it with milk, smoothie or even fruit juice. Pancakes, crepes, sandwich, chapatti-vegetable, mix-veg parantha are good choices to start with. They have all the nutrients in required amounts. If you eat egg then it is even better; you can eat omelet, boiled egg etc. and it has all the essential requirements of protein for a more thing to be kept in mind is that don’t stick with the same food daily, introduce some variety in your diet. It is not only good for your craving tongue but also fulfills the requirement of all nutrients.


Starting off your day with a healthy plate is not a delicacy; its necessity. Consuming breakfast everyday not only activates the body and makes it ready for all the strenuous work but also keep the person active and happy all day long. The body responds in a positive way and there is no irritability and mood swings which you might have experienced in case you miss your breakfast. So break the fast, eat healthy, stay happy.



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Great Article. Loved It.
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Well written...from Kashish
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I am vegetarian, so the eggs don’t go well for me! But the importance of breakfast is too much!
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It's very informative.
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Really very awesome
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Read, nice