Importance Of Complete Nutrition Analysis & It’S Benefits

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Sep 10, 2019   •  2 views

In today’s fast pace world consumer wants to know the food choices they make. Their curiosity about food intake has increased from just consumption and how much is the cost of the food. Most individual is curious about to know what food is made up od and how it would be beneficial in for thier diet they follow. It is also their right to know about the benefits of nutrition they are actually consuming.


So, What exactly is Nutrition Analysis for Food intake & It’s Importance?

Nutrition analysis is mainly about finding out the nutritional content of the food and it’s product. Nutrition analysis include many key elements including energy measured in calories, macronutrient like ( fat, protein & carbohydrate), micronutrient like ( vitamins & minerals that is also needed by the body). The typical per day requirement is 2000 calories per day. These calculation are rough estimate because individual needs may vary. For example younger children are small and require calories much less than adult.

Children required different amount of both macronutrient and micronutrient at the time of their growing stage. Women may require more iron but less energy but it may vary. Definetly active people require more energy then less active people. For any body type it is essential to meet daily requirement of their daily recommended values of vitamins & minerals.

Today’s market scenario is that consumer want premade food or easy food preparation method as they have fast lifestyle, but they do not compromise on their healthy life style.

Here at LivFit we provide expert guided nutritional intake which will help in healthy life without compromising the nutritional intake requirement of the body. We also help individual to lose weight without compromising their healthy & fit life.


Overall nutrition analysis of our body keeps us fit, strong & healthy. Making informed choices about the food we eat helps us to eliminate disease and keeps our body healthy & fit. Thus nutrition analysis is an important tool available today which helps & provides complete detailed information about the food we eat, it’s nutritional value and the calorie intake. LivFit cares for your health and wellbeing so we focus on nutrition analysis for all your food intake.

You can consult our expert virtual nutritionist for any health related query and doubt. They are available 24*7 at your service to resolve all your problem. We have record of 100% success rate and counting for more. Feel free to contact LivFit at the mentioned contact details. Stay fit stay healthy at livfit