Some Of The Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes For Good Health

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 24, 2019   •  120 views

When you are up late at night for completing some urgent and important work or had a bad day and just slept without dinner, or presently had a calm and contented sleep, in every situation people like to begin their day with something good and a bright morning starts with a healthy breakfast. Most likely, the given recipes could help you get something good for your breakfast.

Indian breakfasts are quite healthy and easy to prepare. It has many nutrients along with health benefits for your body like:

  • It enhances your energy levels and boosts up the required metabolism for the entire day

  • With a rich and healthy breakfast, you tend to decrease your hunger and other cravings the whole day and therefore you eat less which leads to a good way of losing extra calories from your body

  • You get proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients from a healthy breakfast which improves your memory, heart functioning, and prevents certain diseases mainly type 2 diabetes

  • A good and delicious breakfast helps you to avoid your moodiness when you woke up in the morning with an irritable, tired, or upset.

  • A nutritious breakfast will keep you feel productive and increase your focus towards the work.


Importance of breakfast- source: Oats Overnight

If you are convinced to have a healthy breakfast then why not look to the 12 most popular healthy Indian breakfast recipes?

1. Upma

Upma is made from Rava and it is a traditional south Indian recipe which has lots of nutrients in it. Upma can be made in 10-15 mins and it is also available in many restaurants in South India and also in Maharashtra. It includes rava, chilies, onions, ginger, curry leaves, coriander leaves, chana dal, and udad dal.

2. Sprouts salad

Sprout salad has a very tasty, healthy, and easy to make the recipe. The people who have a busy schedule or don't know how to cook can make sprout salad for a healthy breakfast. You need to boil the moong sprouts and then add different ingredients like onion, tomato, and spices for a tangy and yummy taste.

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Sprout Salad- Source: Archana’s Kitchen

3. Paneer bhurji

This recipe is a famous North Indian dish made from crumbled paneer. Scrambled is something known as bhurji in which the paneer is scrambled to make a delicious dish for breakfast. It includes onions, tomatoes, and spices along with paneer which is ideal for a healthy breakfast.

4. Poha

A flattened and beaten rice is known as poha in Maharashtrians. It is a very delicious Maharashtrian recipe which is easy to prepare and forms a good breakfast for a hard-working day. Onions and potatoes are the key ingredients while you can also add carrots, peas, or coconut powder as well for some delightful taste.


Poha- Source: Cook With Manali

5.Multigrain roti

A multigrain roti in your breakfast will help you to lose weight or helps in maintaining balanced body weight. Rolled oats, whole wheat flour, and millet flour are used as the basic ingredients. With a multigrain roti breakfast is rich in fiber and keeps you away from hunger for a long time.

6. Moong dal cheela

Made with moong lentils this is a very nutritious breakfast for a healthy body and healthy heart. A batter is made of moong dal by soaking and grinding it. And then it is poured thick in a pan just like an uttapam so that the chilla remains soft. It tastes best with tomato sauce or green chutney.

7. Beetroot dosa

With a few simple steps of adding the beetroot and some spices to your dosa batter your beetroot dosa will be ready for a healthy breakfast. And what is much better than having a vegetable in a fusion form in your breakfast?


Beetroot Dosa- Source: South Indian Recipes

8. Vegetable Dalia

Broken cereals are known as Dalia and a bowl of it gives you a much healthy and delicious breakfast. Dalia has low fats and cholesterol and has a high amount of fiber in it. You can use all sorts of vegetables in it and especially the one which is your favorite.

9. Thepla

The next dish in the list is thepla which got its name from the Gujarati cuisine. In Breakfast, the Jain like to eat thepla as a side dish or in their lunch as well. for making thepla wheat flour, methi, and gram flour is required.

10. Aloo paratha

Again a healthy plus easy to prepare the recipe of aloo paratha is perfect for a healthy breakfast. It is made using wheat flour and certain spices and liked by one and all. Hot aloo paratha with curd is the most likely breakfast of the Punjabi's.


Aloo Paratha- Source: A Small Bite

11. Aval dosa

Aval dosa is a poha dosa recipe which is just amazing that you can’t resist eating at all. It is a sponge and soft and most likely by the kids with sauce.

12. Appam

Coconut milk and fermented rice batter are used to make appam. It is just made in the form of a pancake but much healthier than the normal ones. You can have appam in your breakfast or also in your evening snacks.

Yes, so you can now decide to eat healthily or just eat to fill your stomach. Breakfast is the most important meal don't try to miss it and always choose healthy for better health.