Tips To Maintain A Healthy Skin

Anisha Yadav
Nov 24, 2019   •  27 views

Attaining a healthy skin is not an aim but a journey, I remember my mother would make me apply ubtan for a healthy and glowing skin when I was a child, and till date whenever I think nothing is suitable for me in the cosmetics then I go for ubtan. 

But just by applying anything natural or these diy masks etc your skin would be radiant, but glow comes in from within. Today I'll be listing down a healthy skin routine.

1) A balanced diet 


When you take a balanced diet, your stomach will remain full whole day and you wouldn't have to depend on the junk food from anywhere. Eating something like pasta, pizza etc is good to change the taste but only sometimes. On a regular basis your diet should be a healthy and heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch and a light dinner.

2) Smoothies and summer drinks 


Although summer has passed but still, there's always a craving for something sweet and what we do is that we drink something that is loaded with sugar and that affects our exercise, so as of now any drink you make, make sure instead of sugar you use stevia leaves. And instead of making smoothies and shakes that increase weight switch to the ones that don't. And it's just not about weight , eating too much of fried and baked items will increase your cholesterol too. So no body here is talking about body shaming, but one needs look what they are feeding themselves. Stevia is the best possible alternative and with just little amount it will make things as sweet as sugar.

3) Apply any kind of cosmetics sensibly.


Don't over use them. And even though something suits you does not mean you can use it for years. You must change your products after using them once, or after 45 days for sure.

4) Before using any kind of cosmetics make sure you consult your doctor for the kind of skin you have and then confirm it with her that which brand and product you should go for.

5) Use either Rosehip oil or aloe vera gel


whichever is easily available to you. These both are known to have great miracles on skin and Aloe Vera can be used on whole body.

6) Instead of eating chocolate from outside


you must make it for yourself at home using cocoa nibs, stevia, and nuts. It is really delicious and will naturally help you in reducing weight. ...