No religion taught us to fight . There are more than 20 largest religion in the world. They all have their own rules and principles that hold love , peace and order togetherness with in the society . Approximately every religion have their own sacred texts like the Mahabharta, the Ramayana, the Bible,the Quran which are considered to be peaceful and harmless. Inspite of all this , these texts have been misunderstood and misinterpreted which motivate violence.

However, religion should be based on love, but nowadays it can easily get transform into hatred or jealously . Religion is the prime suspect for the violence in the ethnic groups ,religion cause violence by interpreting the wrong message from sacred texts, religion does posses a potential for extremism because it deals with extreme things.

people especially politicians hiding themselves behind the veil of religion . There was also several incidents of violence in which muslims were violently targeted for reasons as varied as allegedly possesing beef , protesting against caste based discrimination or simply living muslims.

On the contrary , no religion in world encourages violence . In not one single religion in both past or present preaches violence to solution of existential problems. There are principles which forbid murder , stealing or any harm to human .

In fact , the reasons violence happens are economic , political and even ethnic disputes . The existence of other factor means that the removal of the primary justification and explainations would have to make significant changes.

Although religion is still considered to preach peace and love , some of the messages religion sends are misinterpreted by individuals.



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