Nowadays, social media has become a platform where folks from all over the world can meet, interact, share information. Teenagers have gained curiosity to explore these platforms and register at them. There are various favourable circumstances that these platforms offer like meeting new people, getting familiar with the recent development, keep reinvigorated and in addition feel less confined.

Due to the anxiety of what their companions might be doing or posting on social media, plenty of time is wasted in exchanging messages, commenting on posts, until late night thus affecting their sleep routine which ultimately results in certain health issues.

Various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Whatsapp are used to share relevant information including images, recordings or recorded sound data. Besides sharing information and communicating, it plays a serious role in the development of kids by developing their intellectual ability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills via computer games.

Furthermore, the reading habits in te­­enagers has begun to develop and more and more teenagers have started reading novels based on certain movie series. Adolescents have had the option to create up their ingenious aptitudes thus empowering them to form recordings, music and other craftsman works thanks to the presence of various software available online. Hence, communication alongside relevant information is essential for one’s development.

Shameful and indecent contents are being spread viably on the internet-based life stages more than ever known before. Additionally, the high schooler uses online long range informal to share contemn socially unaccepted messages. Pornographic contents are spread vigorously between people hindering the ethical traits of society. The case of cyberbullying has redoubled enormously and children have begun to make their companions feel engulfed against the digital tormenting ensuing the culprits confided resulting in being threatened by clueless youths. This harassing results in mental and ardent scars on the youngsters.

Lack of sleep has been one of the most important disadvantages. Teenagers using social media have begun to lose sleep thus developing insomnia, a sleep-deprived disease that increases the risk of depression and anxiety with lowered self-esteem among adolescents.

Nowadays, people are seen involved so much in social media that they hardly confer with anyone even at home as a result of which individuals begin to become lonely, isolated and start to alienate from one another.

Thus, it’s evitable that social media has a more negative impact than positive ones. Hence, the adverse result should be countered whereas the active ones ought to be appreciated to form the planet a peaceful one.



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