Now that Game of Thrones is over. What next? What do we move on to? Our Sunday nights or rather Monday mornings are no longer filled with anticipation of "What’s going to happen". For the late viewers, Monday would not be the same where all they did was try to dodge the spoilers till, they are in front of the TV or laptop watching it. Well, Good News for all the Game of Thrones fanatics is that the makers have decided to give us a parting gift in the form of two-hour long episode which showed the real soldiers behind every episode in the series. It gives us a peek into the lives of extras, costume department, art and make up department and something as different as the Snow department (Did you know something like that exists…well, I did not)

The documentary is filmed by the British documentarian Jeanie Finlay. She was embedded with the show for a year during its location shoots in Northern Ireland, Croatia and elsewhere for its final season, which concluded May 19 with record ratings for HBO. She wanted to capture the true dedication of the behind the scene warriors who worked more than the actors for the execution of each episode. The documentary starts with some synapses from the older seasons like the Red Wedding, Cersei’s walk of Shame, battle of Hard-home and so on with the familiar tunes which we have grown fond of since last eight seasons. The first scene takes us to Belfast, Ireland the one True Home of Game of thrones. The time is one year prior, and you see people at work as “Winter was indeed coming”. Talking of Winter, we get to see how they create snow clad castles from a mixture of paper and water (again surprising!!). I liked how Jeanie has shifted the focus from the main actors and captured the unheard heroes of the show by getting to know their struggle, effort and story.

One of such examples was the interview with Andrew McClay the stark guard who lives till the end with Jon Snow. He shows his love for the show and tells us how it was a ritual for him to arrive at costume trials every year and how he started as part of Stannis Baratheon’s army and finally ended up with Jon Snow to fight alongside him on battle of Winterfell. Next, we are taken to the day when actors arrive for the table read and we get to see a glimpse of their first ever table read from Season 1 with the full crew sitting side by side, ready to embark upon a journey of a lifetime. The last table read however shows a myriad of emotions throughout the room, with actors rejoicing and clapping in the scene where Arya kills the Night King to Varys sighing and thrusting the script onto the table over his death to Emilia getting all emotional & teary eyed over Jorah’s death in the series. But the best reaction had to be Kit Harington’s. He was the only person who had not read the script beforehand and realized he will the one to kill the dragon queen in the end. You can see he is truly mortified and emotional during the lines and the look of disbelief clearly shows on his face.

Personally, the best highlight in the whole show was the interview with Vladimir Furdik, the stuntman and our very own Night King. His childlike enthusiasm when met with fans, his dedication towards his first job as a stuntman and his confusion of whether to call himself an actor or not is totally real and he is the happiest when fans recognize him as Night King without his make up on. He brings forward his interpretation of the character saying “Maybe he is angry, He does not want to be the Night King. The children of the forest changed him and now he is like, Okay, you want to be Night King? Ok, Now I will kill you”

It is these kinds of moments which stands out in the “The Last Watch”. It gives the much-deserved spotlight to the hard-working crew of Game of thrones which has made the show what it is today. Go watch it for yourself. Watch it to relieve the episodes and give the much-awaited farewell to the real stars of the biggest television show in years. Watch it for the nostalgia. Watch it as your watch might officially

end now.

You can watch the full video on below link :



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@Oblivesene Thank you for appreciating the post. Means a lot :)
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Whenever i come across a nice write-up like this , I immediately post a comment . But not this time , I hadn't watched the "last watch" & after reading this i couldn't wait any longer , The first thing i did was to watch the documentary & that was the impact your writing had on me :). Coming to the documentary , phew.. what can i say .. When we watch the show we don't realize how much effort , creativity goes in, to create a fantasy like this .