This year has been great for TV shows which are actually great. Not just one genre but all of them. Here are few series which are so great that you might wanna binge watch it twice.


This has to be hands down my favorite TV show this year. I can't stop raving about it. This show has only 2 seasons ( bummer) and has only 6 episodes per season. So like a 3 hr movie if you binge watch it.

In this series we follow around a women who is named fleabag and we don't even get to know her real name just fleabag. She is played by the wonderful Phoebe Waller Brigde , who is mourning with the lost of her best friend who was also her business partner and together they ran a café. Her character is British, sprinkled with just the right amount of Edginess and Anger and Confusion as she navigates through LONDON and LIFE itself using her wit and her voracious sexual appetite.Some would say, correctly, that this is also the facade behind which she hides herself. FLEABAG is a must watch.

Season 1 is perfect and amazing but season 2 is a literal masterpiece. I beg you please watch this. It has also been nominated for many Emmys this year. Give all of them to this !!!!

2. Euphoria

A small warning , this show is quite graphic. Some say this is a rip off of the UK show SKINS. And yes I agree but this show is more than that. This show follows a bunch of teens through their school life and how they deal with drugs,sex, competition and to find their identities in the world. The soundtrack of this show is incredible which is by labrinth and the visuals and cinematography of this show is breathtaking. Starring Zendaya , Jacob Elordi just to name a few . The show recently ended its first season and has already been renewed for a season 2. It's a very gripping show and doesn't not fabricate the problems which teens go through now. Again contains nudity and strong language.

3. Queer Eye

Sit with a box of tissues while watching this because this show is a gem. Wholesomeness at it's peak. In case you don't know what this show is about then let me tell you. Do you like a male over ? Yes of course. That's what these guys do . They give a make over to the hero ( the person each episode who is getting the make over). Right from their clothes , food , hair, house and also spiritually. These men are perfect and they kill toxic masculinity. This show is so powerful and it gives you a sense that you are amazing and makes you feel better about yourself. It has the lovely gay men who are so precious and you literally can't get past one episode without crying.



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I have seen euphoria and i loved it. I'll definately watch other two also they sound interesting.