I was sent to sleep in the same room, with the same maid standing outside the door in case I needed anything. The door was again locked, but this time everything reflective was removed from the room. Morning came and I was escorted to breakfast with the King who told me about his wife and how she used her ability to help people in need, but hid her identity. The people looked up to her as a Queen, and as the masked person she was when she helped others. But when her secret came out, people felt that there was too much power in one woman’s hand, and wanted to steal it from her.

The King and I were taking a walk in the garden. It was then he revealed quite abruptly why all the people had been bowing to me when I first arrived to the palace.

‘People bowed to you, respected you in this palace when you first came, because you look just like my wife. You’re 26 years old, and my wife died the second you were born. When she gave her powers to you her looks must’ve transferred as well. God forbid, you have her personality and temper as well. I know it isn’t something you asked for, but it is something you must have.’

Suddenly, a bell started ringing somewhere in the palace, throwing the King into a panic. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me inside the palace. It was a breach. Someone had entered the palace forcefully, and disrupted the guards. As we twisted and turned from hallway to hallway, there was shouting heard from here and there in the palace. Running, the king explained to me the situation about how the people at largescale were again angry about an alien stepping onto this planet, with powers that was wielded by their Queen. Which was crazy, considering they were the reason of her death.

‘We have to hide you, now, or else you’ll be killed by these people. They hide under the disguise of looking out for the kingdom, these selfish bastards. But I won’t let them win again.’ Said the King as we took the stairway leading to the basement. Is it just me or does everything happen way too fast here?

I was shoved into a room again, and the door was locked by the King, who apologized profusely for putting me in danger, locking me up and all that, saying he had no choice, blah blah blah. Honestly, I was getting fed up of being pushed here and there. Turning around in the small room to find anything helpful, that would aid me to get out of this room, I found a piece of shattered glass. Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming. I held it in my palm, careful to avoid the sharp edges, and focused on the place I wanted to be. The outside of the bedroom that I’m put in. There was a blink of light before my eyes and suddenly, I was there.

Rushing inside the room, I looked for anything that looked to be harmful enough and came up empty. Rushing out of the room, I went towards the end of the hallway, and entered the last door to my left. It was the kitchen! Quickly grabbing a few large knives, I again rush out from the room, and towards the place I dropped the glass shard and went outside the throne room doors. Entering the room from the back door, behind the throne, I saw the King talking to an old man, who looked ready to drop dead any moment.

‘Councilor, it is not your place to tell me who I keep under my protection and who I shouldn’t.’ says the King.

‘And it isn’t in your best interest to keep the girl alive, or here at least. You should send her back to where she came from. It is the only way, if you do not want to see her dead at the hands of your own kingdom.’

‘You don’t seek well-being for that girl. You didn’t for my wife, you don’t for that child. Get out.’

Left gawking, the man scuttled out of the room, as I stood there with a gawk on my face myself. I carried myself out of the room again, and into the garden I was earlier with the King, behind the bushes so that I’m not spotted. Taking few deep breaths, I let myself sit there for a few minutes, wondering if it was worth it for this world to have so many problems, because I, an alien, had powers they didn’t? with that thought, I went back to the throne room to tell the King that I am going to leave.

The scenario I landed in was definitely one I didn’t take into consideration. There were a lot of soldiers in the room, fighting off the villagers and attackers when I landed smack in the middle of the room, announcing my presence when I called out for the king. Noticed by a few people, they all broke into a sprint towards me, their weapons raised high, with the soldiers chasing behind them, until one by one, all of them were writhing on the floor in pain, and there was just me, the soldiers and the King left in the room.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in my chest just as I turned to face the King. Looking down, there were two arrows stuck in me, one near my heart, and the other sticking out of my calf, staining my clothes red.

It was dark. Completely dark, but there was a soft humming. And then there was a woman’s voice. ‘Choose wisely. You didn’t have time to learn. Because it was not your destiny. It was your end. But the next will be the light. The next shall be the peace maker.’

And then I was standing in a hut, a hospital room, a cave, and then near the same river bank I landed. At all the places, there was a child born. And now I understood. The power was to be passed. It isn’t mine, but it will be someone’s. As I watched the boy born near the river, I knew it was to be him. Coursing through my body, I focused on letting it all out, and putting all the efforts in coursing them through the boy.