I reached home around 2:00am with all the clues and hints. I sat down and tried to solve the rest half of the puzzle. I was constantly looking at the wall,assuming that the it might help me. I was feeling tired and drowsy but at that same time don't want to sleep. That thing won't let me!

Don't know how,but my soul persuaded that it was the last chance to do. "There will be no tomorrow after this."

Her voice was constantly going in my head. Please save me! It is clear that she wants my help but how? That accident which happened but... Wait

Quarter to 12 was always the time. Why I got to know about the number mentioned on the car? Because that's the actual the car. Yes! Girl was crossing the road and that car hit her which is exactly going to happen tomorrow morning at 11:45. Why only on morning? Because if it was suppose to happen at night this illusion won't take place. The puzzle got solved!I have to save her from the accident which is going to happen tomorrow morning at 11:45. It gave me goosebumps as the question was will I be able to save that girl? But once I only said 'Every road has it's destination'.

Next morning I reached there at 10:30 and was keeping an eye to that girl who was banging everyone doors asking for money. She was clueless as to what was going to happen with her. I couldn't pre inform her as she won't believe me and I might loose her. The clock was ticking fast and with it my heart beat as well.

So it was 11:30 now. I reached to the girl and plan was to ingaze her so that all the possible situations get eliminated. I asked: beta! Apka nam kya h?

She said: Sahab ap? She recognized me and was bit happy.

I said: hanji! Mein, kyoun kya hua? Mein nhi a skta kya?

She busted with laughter and seeing this my eyes got filled.

She replied: nhi nhi yese bat nhi. Vo ap poch rahe the n kl,to muje laga ap chale gaye hoge to is vajh se. Mera nam

'Beta! Yahn aoo 'A voice came from the other side of the road. Probably her father but that wasn't the concern. I checked my watch and it said all. I looked around and the other half of the story was completed by the car whose number plate was DL 5AB 1363. I held the girl's hand and tried to stop her by saying:

Beta! Mere hath mein pata nhi bhuut tez dard ho raha h. Ap pakd lo mere hath ko taki dard dhere dhere kam ho jaye. She held my hand and stayed with me. That car collided with another car. It produced massive noise and shock due to which that girl fell on me. Luckily there were no casualties in that accident. I left from that place when I saw her father rushing towards the other end as he thought that her daughter! He reached and hugged her daughter.

That girl tried to find me by looking around but I don't want to tell her nor can I hide from her. So I left!