My hands and feet were ice cold, i kept staring at the big cross mark until it got lost in the dark. I remeber, for the next few seconds i stood there like an effigy blank and cold and expressionless, unaware of anything around.

Gathering myself up, i turned around, spotted a man who was closing his shop, looked all around the place but couldn't find a more reliable person than him, I went upto him.

"bhaiyya excuse me?"

"ji?" he said.

"yahan paas me koi rehne ki jagha hai?"

" paas me to nahi hai par market area me mil jaega...kyu train chut gayi kya apki?"

Having assured myself that the next train will be available at 9:00 tomorrow morning i decided to look for a decent place to put up for that night.

It was 11:00 pm. Roads were all empty, sound of street dogs howling came from a distance. Walked out of the station to the autostand but there was nothing, the place was all empty.

Google said that the market area will take me 1 hour and a few minutes walk. I had to unwillingly decide to go by it.

My heart felt heavy, i was on tenterhooks but at the same time i cursed myself for getting into this trouble.

Anyway I was making it until i heard the sound of a car that pulled over just behind me, and then the car door slamming... my heart started to beat faster...all sort of negative thoughts were rushing in my mind, I wanted to see my mother for that one last time... feet trembling... i looked behind.

"hey! want a lift?" asked a guy mid 30's, with shabby clothes on and bloodshot eyes, in a fumbled voice.

I was all set for the minimum self defense techniques that i knew,