As I reached to that red light, what I saw was something out of this world. I saw that girl again but this time she was not looking same as to what I saw her this morning. Her hair covered entire face, undefined clothes,hands and feet were oppsite with respect to each other. Just the same when I saw her first time.

She was crossing the road and immediately I got off my car in order to catch her, basically to verify as to who she is! I moved a bit,yes I was scared with all those events happening around and what I saw in front of me. Just then

She yelled: "Please save me"

I paced up my speed and as I was about to reach, a car came with lightning speed and hit that poor girl.

I shouted: Stoop!!!

I was stunned,whole body went numb. Somehow I managed myself . I chased that car for some distance but it got escaped. My six sense worked at that point of time and I remembered the number mentioned on the number plate. It was DL 5AB 1363.

When I lost that car, I came back to take that girl to the hospital. As I came back, she wasn't there. There was no human thing as if nothing happened. I looked around even yelled but it all went in vain.

I scratched my head and sat on the middle of the road. I shouted: god! Please help me. What am I suppose to do? What is happening with me? Who is she? Why is she doing such things with me. I was in tears as I was clueless.

I starred at the lights and all the incidents were going in my head. Suddenly I thought of clock. Yes!

  • The clock. Whenever I left my office it said quarter to 12. Same goes with today both now and afternoon as well.

  • She yelled "please save me". She basically tried to communicate with me and wants my help?

What help? To avoid that accident. Oh! God. I was almost there and the riddle got solved!

Next morning...