A Middle Aged Woman Discovers A Ghost

Himanshi Chawla
Apr 25, 2020   •  81 views

Shreya you have to go to Banglore for a meeting . I have booked the flight and hotel for you , said her boss. Okay boss , said shreya

She left home two hours before the flight because of the bottleneck traffic in Delhi. She reached there on time. A few minutes later she heard that flight to Bangalore is delayed by 3 hours due to bad weather conditions. So she started reading a book to kill time.

She took the flight and attended meeting. After the tiring day ,she came back to the hotel at night to sleep. All of a sudden , the light in the room started blinking. She was so tired that she ignored it and went to sleep.

In the midnight, A shriek disturbed her sleep, she woke up and went to pee. As she entered the washroom, it got dark all of a sudden and light flashed on the mirror highlighting 3 blood spots . As she was focussing on it, she heard a knock on the only attached washroom in her room. She got perplexed because door was bolted from inside. She came out in the room to see.

She saw a horse sitting in her room and got disappeared the very next moment. Then she saw a human body in the shabby clothes forming out of the fog. She got frightened like hell. Her heartbeat started increasing as he was moving towards her. Fear took over her mind. Then suddenly.....He grabbed her throat.....she woke up with a loud yell.