"Whatever It Takes" To The "Endgame"

Prateek Chovishya
May 01, 2019   •  11 views

"Part of the journey is the end" indeed "Avengers Endgame" was the end of the beautiful yet chilling journey of 22 films, yes 22 indeed that we began back in the year 2008 with "Iron Man". The journey that began with Robert Downey jr portraying the iconic Iron Man while still being the sarcastic yet genius billionaire playboy Tony Stark. The journey that shaped Marvel forever establishing it as one of the most profitable studios and also kick-starting the carriers of several actors including Robert Downey jr.

The Russo brothers's poigant finale not only lives upto the expectations but in ways exceeds them its a powerful conclusion to the avengers.Endgame deilvers itself in every sense be it emotions, effects, storyline, exhilrating action sequences, the inherent charm of Robert Downey jr, powerpack acting by all the cast and at the end making it the reamarkable sculpture beautifully sculpted by the Russo brothers's.

Endgame not only packs a powerful punch from the heroes that it boasts but from the formidable villan "Thanos" alike.It beautifully portrays the insane obsession of Thanos with the infinity stones, the entire basis of the movie. Though the movie deviates from the comical storyline it still is a must watch movie with all the elements that a make a movie great.

Non Marvel fans can also watch the movie be it for the sakes of watching Robert Downey jr 's final portrayl of Iron Man and also for the final peroformance of Scarlett Johannson as the steamy "Black Widow". I too have personally watched this epic drama and would strongly suggest to all the movie lovers out there to go and watch this epic conclusion .