Tips To Stay Motivated During Exams

Jul 22, 2019   •  0 views

Are you too caught in the whirlwind of exams? Having trouble in keeping the zeal alive to study?

Exams are a much despised yet an integral part of our lives for quite a long time.No one likes them, yet everyone has to sit through them. Sometimes while preparing for tests, this disliking increases exponentially and we just give up, which is fine at that time but has harmful consequences later.

Since, half the solution lies in indentifying the problem, I have pointed out some common ones that we all have with ideas for remedy. Well, here are a few tips to have in your arsenal, which might come in handy.

1. Bid goodbye to Procrastinating:

How many times in a day do you find yourself saying “I shall do it later”? If the answer is anywhere near often, then you know that, that later rarely comes. Procrastination or the tendency to avoid doing a task seldom has any benefits and only results in a massive pile up of tasks. Andthis phenomenon is observed in spades, when it comes to studying a subject that we dislike. So,the first and foremost step to start this journey is bidding goodbye to procrastination.

For a successful preparation, start by working on those subjects which you dislike. The areas of the subjects, in which your understanding is weak, needs to be tackled first as these topics are time consuming. After, you are done here, you can move on to revise your strong points. This ensures a wholesome preparation of the entire syllabus.

2. Time Management:

Often in this hubbub of activity, we forget our goal and end up investing a lot of time in one topic and neglect the others. This causes unnecessary worrying and the syllabus remains incomplete.

To remedy this, we must manage our time according. It’s the second and probably the most vital step of any preparation. Ideally, one should study throughout the whole year, but that’s not always possible. So a more realistic approach is to start studying months or weeks before the exams, depending on their weightage. Having said that, understand that preparing topics will take time and you must make sure that you are giving yourself sufficient time.

Once that’s done, you need to segregate your syllabus into small portions, keeping in mind the number of days that are left. These portions must be completed daily and thoroughly. This will help you in covering all the topics simultaneously, while helping decrease the monotony which might come from studying one topic for a longer duration. Ensure that you devote some time at the end of this plan for a short revision session.

3. Minimising distractions:

What often pulls us back from achieving our goals is the amount of distractions that we have inour life. Yeah, you guessed it, I am talking about your smart gadgets like mobiles or laptops. While they have become an inseparable part in our lives you have to agree that they consume so much of our time and energy. Ever found yourself in the position browsing thorugh your feed and looking up and realising that hours have passed by?

This practice needs to be stopped during exam preparations.While studying, keep your phones in a separate room and preferably with the internet connection turned off. Ask your friends to call at thattime, only if it’s something extremely important. If you need to access the internet, then make use of a device which keeps you away from social media apps. After studying, you are free to use your mobile, but make sure that you are getting enough sleep and nutrition.A tired body can not function efficiently.

4. Treating yourself:

This is a practice that I use, and I find it quite effective. Set small goals for yourself, perhapsweekly or daily, according to yourself and decide a reward which you will give yourself upon successful completion of these tasks.

It can be your favourite ice cream, or a meal at that Chinese place that you like or the movie that you have been dying to watch or the place that you have been wanting to visit so badly. This will give you something to look forward to and will encourage you to keep going. Consider it like a pat on your back from yourself. You will enjoy these treats with a sense of satisfaction.

There are several little knick knacks that might come be useful, but are different from person to person. For example, going out for a run in the morning before you start studying, or perhaps a cup of coffee to give your body a boost of energy or it can be a particular place like library or studying with a group of friends that might further help you in keeping your concentration fixed and encourage you during this time. Also, exercising and maintaining a proper diet will help your body perform well under the strain.

While it is completely understandable that your determination to hit the books might waver from time to time, but keep reminding yourself what this hardwork will fetch you at the end. Keep a trip or any activity planned after you exams end to add a bit of extra incentive.

That’s all for now guys. I hope these tips were useful. And last but not the least: All the Best!