How To Crack Neet Without Coaching

Vipin Kumar
May 25, 2020   •  11 views

As NEET is a tough nut to crack, securing a seat in the top medical colleges does not

necessarily require a coaching only if you are highly determined. While you may doubted

upon your decision of self-study but an applause and appreciation is what you deserve.

Since, self-study is more favourable to students, we are here to your rescue!

The article assists you with all important points that candidates must consider

while preparing for the National Eligibility Entrance Test all by their own.

Proper Study Plan: If you plan to self-study for the competitive exam, first thing

you should do is to make a proper study plan. A proper time table according to which you

will study is essential and make sure the plan includes time for revision too.

Quality Study Material: Second most important thing to be considered is the best quality

study material. NCERT Booksare considered to be the best books for the preparation of the

exam, so you must complete your NCERT syllabus first. Once you done with it, you can

refer to other books which are easily available in the market. You can also find good

content online as there are many websites and video channels that provide you proper

guidance for the exam and you can clear all your doubts from their subject experts.

So, all you need to do is to regularly follow such video channels or websites along with

your NCERT books.

Mock Tests:Mock tests are considered an important tool for cracking any competitive

exam because such mock tests provide you the real feel of the actual examination.

You should at least attempt one mock test daily as it will help you in analysing your

performance and you will be able to check your preparations also. You should note down

your mistakes and work on them so that you don’t repeat the mistake in the actual exam.

Previous Year Papers:Along with the study material and mock tests, you should also solve

By solving previous year papers, you can know the difficulty level of the exam and do your

preparations according to that.

Be Disciplined: The most important thing to be followed during your preparations is that

you should disciplined and strict towards your preparations. You should strictly follow

your study plan, attempt mock tests as only making a study plan will not clear your exam;

you need to follow it strictly to ensure your success in the exam.

Relax: One more thing to kept in mind during exam . You should involve in some recreational activity to relieve stress and keep yourselves relaxed.

While giving your hundred percent in preparation, don’t forget to participate in recreational


Take care of all the above-mentioned points and you’ll definitely crack MBBS NEET without coaching.

You may also tend to be one of the inspirations for others. Remember to keep yourselves

positive and do not get irritated in between your preparations by seeing your performance in

the mock tests.