As we know education, or study of anything is the biggest aspect of success.When we were in school we are having a spoon feeding habit so that many of the students were facing problems after school .They want notes for their study but in my opinion when notes were provided to us ,it restrict our limit of study .so that there are so many methods to study the topic properly .

Note Making

Notes are helpful but only when,notes were made by us which is after complete study of the topic . when we study any topic we have to make notes so that the things will remember to us so this is one of the most important point to make study effective , because when we make notes of any topic we remembered the things that we read or write.


Speak Aloud

Speak aloud is also one of the effective aspect for study , or remembering things that we study . When we study or speak aloud the topic the concept will remembered in our mind. so be speak aloud to clear the concept and remembering things.


Make Flowcharts

As flowcharts are the easiest way to learn something. If you don’t get your topic’s concept then you ,have to make flowcharts so that this is the easiest way to remember the whole topic step by step. It will the best way to learn anything.


Spread Knowledge

It is also one of the best methods to learn anything or we can say remember anything. When we spread our knowledge or giving information about any topic to anyone so we remember the things positively.


So at last I wanna say that learning can , never end. In our whole life we have to learn new new topics ,new new things. always try to make projects different fields of different topics.So be positive.



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Good Going Dear Keep It Up ✌🏼✌🏼🤗🤗
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