Students in today's world are most concerned and worried about the exams in whatever field they are in. As exams are there in every field so naming a particular field doesn't matter. As it has become a general habit to every student that they don't study the whole year but at the end i.e. just two days prior or three days prior. Why? Because they are busy. No, I don't think that this is the complete answer. According to me yes they are busy but in what they are busy is more important to think upon. This is because today's youth is busy with their mobile phones either playing some video games or binge-watching some series. If somebody is wasting their precious time in this work then you will not say they are busy. Such people are ignoring the importance of time which they wouldn't get back in the future, money which their parents had spent for their education, breaking their parents' trust and also ignoring their future which would be affected by all these. I agree that some might felt that one cannot study the whole day some entertainment is also important. But there is a limit for both. So what I understand from this is that the balance is important between studies and other work. There are certain things that if kept in mind while preparing for the exam then one can score better. 


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So here are some tips:

  1.  Syllabus: Whatever the exams you are preparing for always begin the preparation by first referring to the syllabus. This is a common habit of the examination board that they keep on updating the syllabus for every year so the students need to study according to the syllabus.

  2.  Classroom Notes: Yes most of the students reading this article might feel who make notes in the class. But let me tell you it is a very important part of exam preparation. This is because if you want to grasp things fast during exams then class notes are best as most of the important topics are covered properly. So there are two importance of notes one is you get the list of important topics and second is you get the study material of those topics as well.

  3.  Figures: Whenever we write answers in the answer sheet it is always recommended to draw a diagram or relevant figure if one can. This is because the examiner does not have that much of time that he/she will read each word. So figures help to understand the examiner whether the answer written is correct or not. So while preparing for the exam as well one should focus on figures and diagram to make the answer more perfect.

  4.  Making a time table: I know making a time table and following is a really difficult task but one should at least make a time table in terms of what subject one has to prepare more and which subject we feel are easy to prepare or are already prepared. This is because it saves time.

  5. Taking a break: You must take a small break when you are studying for long hours. But that break should not include using the mobile.

  6. Question papers: This is the most important while preparing for exams. If this is not done then you might not get the benefit of following any of the above point. Giving an exam for an exam is the best rule. Just going through the previous year's question paper doesn’t work. One has to solve the whole question paper like you are giving the actual exam. This is the real test of what you know and what you didn’t. In any exam solving the previous year paper is the most important thing.

    Hope these tips would be helpful for you. Good Luck for your exam.


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