Mass Copying: 959 Students With Ditto Answers And Same Mistakes

Priti Suna
Jul 16, 2019   •  17 views

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What is the last cheating incident you remember in India, and where was it? If you don't know then witness the epic level cheating in Gujarat.

Ahmadabad: The cotton state of India witnessed a mass cheating incident in the standard XII exam this year.

The new method of cheating in Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) is one of the shocking acts as reported in the Times of India. According to TOI, the mass cheating held at Standard XII Board Examination at the center of Amarapur, Prachi-Pipal, and Visanvel of Gujarat.

The copying by 959 students' answer sheets with ditto answers from beginning till the end has come to light. The incident could be found while the answer sheets were on the check and around 200 students wrote same essay 'Dikri Ghar Ni Divdi (daughter is the earthen lamp of the family) in the exact format.

The Board authorities have taken stringent action on the cheating students since they are withheld from appearing exam till 2020 and failed in the subjects cheating suspected. The papers on which cheating caught are Accounting, Economics, and Statistics. The Examination Centers in Junagadh and Gir-Somnath Districts are suspended from conducting an examination.

The students informed to a committee alleging the teacher in the examination centers to have dictated the answers. The Examination school charged INR 35000 per annum as a self-financed course in Standard XII general course, but the students were shown as regular, yet they were the external-students. The students also claimed that they only attended two weeks classes as reported by TOI.

You might remember the mass copy of scaling a four-story building to give answer copies to the students at Standard X exam and also the toppers' fake position secured without having basic knowledge of the subject concerned in Bihar.

There are also pieces of evidence of group cheating in Ballia District of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2017. The students of Class X were found copying from carbon answer sheets provided to them. They were also seen discussing in the groups and finding solutions from books open before them, as ANI reported.

The case was dug up after two months of result declaration by GSHSEB. The state board published Class XII result in May of this year. The news sources told that in Gujarat, Anand district tops and Dang district is the poor performer of results.

In the year 2018, around 3 lakh students appeared the exam. The aggregate passing percentage was 55.55. In this year exam was conducted from March 7 to March 23.