Are Coaching Classes For Jee Worth??

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I am a student who is currently waiting for his 12thclass results. I Opted for the science stream. In India, every student who opts for science stream aspires to be an IITian. So even I wanted to be an IITian and got enrolled myself in a reputed coaching institute. I am here to tell you about some advantages and disadvantages of these institutions, after reading my article you can be the judge.

So here it goes.


  1. Consistency: Coaching Institutes helps the students to move continuously in the right direction. With huge syllabus and limited time, students learn to manage their time and complete their day-to-day tasks.

  2. Strategy: They make the most suitable and comfortable strategy according to the students.

  3. Monthly Exams: They take monthly exams which makes you aware of your current position. These tests include a small portion of the whole syllabus, by this, you prepare in small amounts so that at the end of the year you are safe from the burden of the huge unrevised syllabus.

  4. Counselling: They have the best mentors. They not only help in the academic front but also boost your confidence.

  5. Study material:They have some best notes, from which you can revise for your papers.


  1. Money: Premium Coaching institutes cost a lot of money. Such a huge amount may not be viable for everybody. Seeing everyone else taking coaching classes may lower your confidence levels.

  2. No time for self-study: You spend Half of your day in these institutes, and in the evening you get mentally exhausted. With half of your day gone, you are unable to do self-study. You cannot even revise at the end of the day which makes chaos in your head.

  3. False Claims: These Institutes claim for 100% selection in IIT, but the truth is that only 10-15% of students are able to crack IIT. They use false Advertising to attract more students so that they can make profits.

  4. Feeling of left behind: If you take admission late then you have to do a lot of self-study to compete with other students. Teachers ignore average and weak students.

  5. Online Materials: Due to technological advancement we can now get online study material. Many Initiatives and startups have been launched to help students to crack IIT with Self-study.

To conclude, I want to say that you have all the abilities and the will power within you. Just believe in yourself.

Be Wiser And make Your OWN Choice.




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