Faith is the staunch belief in the virtues of one's role model. Since God is considered as omnipresent, people all over the world use a variety of representations or techniques for worship. They see God's presence in various places of pilgrimage such as rivers, hills, rocks; in manmade structures, holy books, idols and charms. Through inanimate these centers of faith benefit the ones that believe by fulfilling their desires in answer to prayers . The miracles created by these inanimate objects defy aby explanation. This is the faith, the faith that can move a mountain or create one. The faith that can bring things impossible to possible.

Humans are one of the most intricate beings, blessed with intelligence and emotions which if dealt with sensitivity and sensibility has the power to create and destruct. Among all the facilities, the most fragile yet most powerful is the facility of trust. Faith allows one to be vulnerable and submissive as one looks beyond oneself and allows itself to simply go with the flow.

Every truth can only be perceived with the eyes of faith and perseverance. What lasts forever is the everlasting truth that nothing is everything and everything is nothing. Metaphysics conveys the same - Universe has come from nothing and has the potential to get back to nothingness.

Faith is another name of life". Faith that one day everything will be fine. Faith that we will live and live happily. Every day we wake up we have faith that we will come back at night alive. The faith that our hard work will be paid, the faith that we will get what we deserve one day. The faith that we will shine one day. The faith that everything happens or a good reason.

The highest levels of performance are empowered by the deepest levels of belief and faith. Performing with belief is a critical factor for achieving the goals we set in our life or at anything in life. Belief sees the invisible. It sees what has not yet been accomplished. Belief sees the goal, and it sees The path required to achieve the goal.

Faith in oneself creates resilience. It gives you the power to overcome challenges and resist against adversity.

We endeavored to optimize every opportunity to gain brownie points from time management to developing discipline. One might wonder is this what everyone ought to do? Is it new?I’d say no, it’s just faith in abundance.

What keeps the world moving? What keeps us going?

It’s faith. A one word answers to a million mysteries.