When one looks at the word introvert , we link it with shyness. But actually shyness is nothing but our fear of what people would think about us . Around 66% of the world's population are introvert i.e every 2 out of 3 people are introvert. In the modern era or more particularly the 21st century extroverts are considered as dominating species on the earth. From the beginning, we are taught to converse , to speak on stage, to open up . They should know that everyone is not created to do everything. We have our own ideas, our beleifs our personality and we really like to live with it.

What is the reason?

The society favours the extrovert over the introvert , a person who can express his ideas is more intellectual is what the society thinks. Credit goes to the western countries specially USA where they hail the Man of Action over the Man of Contemplation. In early days , people were judged on the basis of their moral values and rectitude and that era was known as the Culture of Character . Many books featured with the tile "Character the grandest thing in the world" came up featuring role models like Abraham Lincoln. But then we hit the 20th century which the historians regard as the Culture of Personality where people having charismatic personality were favoured over their moral rectitude. Reason being the drastic shift from the world of agriculture to the world of business and marketing . As a result people started shifting from rural areas to urban cities. Those people who once knew to work alongside others, to help others now know how to prove themselves among a crowd of strangers. Slowly and gradually properties like charisma and self confidence became more important. Leadership qualities evolved and so came the importance of oratory skill. The self help books were replaced by books with title like "How to win friends and people" featuring really great salesman.

I am not saying that we should completely abolish social relations because the culture that has resulted in saged climbimg the mountain tops alone has also tought us various moral values like love and trust.

Power of introverts

According to a report introverts are more creative and imaginative. They do remain aloof from the society but they too have excellent leadership qualities although they dont want to be leaders by themselves , situation forces them to do so.

Introverts are more knowledgable than extroverts. Extroverts crave social stimulations and hence are dependent on social judgement while extroverts are independent people who feel that they are the most capable species and hence remains away from society and its judgement.

Some emminent personalities that were introvert :

1. Mahatama Gandhi.

2. Franklin D Roosevelt

3. Christopher Columbus

All these personalities travelled the path alone and did not indulge in any social gathering. They did not want to become leaders or extroverts but the condition forced them to become one such.

One should not abolish the society or stop become social. There is so much to discover in the field of science and economy that we would need armies of men to do that. The need of the hour is that the introverts should be given enough space so that they could do what they do best. By the way ultimately it is you who will decide wether to follow a man full of talks or to follow a man full of knowledge.