I Wrote It For Someone Who Would Never Know About It

Jul 03, 2021   •  102 views

we talk about

new movies and old song

cooking in the kitchen

with mac miller on

it happens every couple weeks

I’m waiting but not hopelessly

you’re an old friend

but were still starting over

cause we sit close

but we end up closer

someday I should make a move

but I’ve been busy so are you

and I… like to work late

and you work everyday and I… like my space

and that’s okay but I…

like you here in my room

when you’re not in my head

we let down the walls

dressed up in our sweats

we dance around the table

we dance around the truth

but , we wont dance


cause there’s a me

and you…..



Profile of Prateek Porwal
Prateek Porwal  •  2y  •  Reply
while reading this piece of love i remeber them now in my head but pour down to my heart before the poetry ended!
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Niyati   •  2y  •  Reply