Loving and losing is better than not loving at all.

is it true? I believe the one who quoted haven’t lost someone.

I’m Zoya and two years later, I finally could bring myself up to tap into my own dark past. Healing takes time, forever for some individuals.

10th August, 2018

Dear Ven,

I love you and deep down I know you sense the same. But it’s complicated than that right with your memories erased. I miss old times, when we watched movies at the old mill and danced till the next morning and well. Now we have our beloved Zoya. You got blinded by her tactics and manoeuvres. But don’t worry I’ve found a solution. I’m going to free you from this life. I know you would have wanted the same. Meet you in the afterlife (when we won’t have Zoya)

Your actual love,



Ayesha Devakar, a popular college student. Yes, she fell in deeply for Venkter. The trauma of losing Ven when he lost his memories led to a psychotic break.

I blame myself every single day.


29th July, 2018

I wish I wasn’t driving at the Neez Plaza Road that night. The drunk me was still me. But isn’t it exceptional when you hurt someone, the new them can still find a way. A way to love you.

Venkter was there, I took him to the hospital but he lost 20 years of himself. 19 years old me was scared but I still stayed beside him. When he opened his eyes we both experienced an extraordinary comfort in each other’s eyes.

He didn’t remember anything or anyone, soon I became the only thing he ever wanted to recognize. At the time, I didn’t know about Ayesha, I didn’t know that she would burn the whole hostel down.

11th August, 2018

Venkter and Ayesha were burnt to ashes and I… well for me I burnt to endless guilt.

Letting go and moving on, it’s difficult when you are alone. The worst alone. Surrounded by people yet the emptiness takes over.

Venkter denied Ayesha’s love and Ayesha in turn denied letting go. Besides I deny this happened, every single day.

27th August 2020,

Two who literally died and the third is dying every single day.