Various Types Of Modular Kitchen

Neha Bhatia
Mar 30, 2020   •  2 views

According to Wikipedia,” a kitchen is a room or a part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. A modern middle-class residential kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and cold running water, a refrigerator, and worktops and kitchen cabinets arranged according to a modular design.”

The kitchen is the place where wizardry happens; where we formulate our meals. Furthermore, kitchens are the place where we congregate with our friends and family to sit around the dining table with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and chat. Out of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the most frequented.

Here are a few reasons why everyone should establish a modular kitchen in their house:

1.     Visual Appeal: Modular kitchens have an appeal of artistic taste. They always come with a contemporary and elegant look and feel in them. For the ones who seek a sophisticated appearance of their house, then the modular kitchen is always best.

2.     Convocation of Components: Modular kitchens are made up of parts that can be assembled or dissembled according to will. That means they can be customized by selecting every single part of the kitchen individually and placing it at preference.

3.     Intelligent Use of Space: Modular kitchens are designed to be commodious and capacious with multi-utility value. It can be termed as the most organized set up you come across as it is well thought and has a planned use of space.

4.     Reformed Appliances: Modular kitchens are designed in such a way that appliances fit perfectly and form a whole unit altogether which means the appliances and the decor would match perfectly.

5.     Convenience Factor: A modular kitchen with all its high technology appliances and equipment in hand make it very convenient making the whole process of cooking joyful rather than a chore.

Designing and fitting a somewhat traditional kitchen can be costly and time-consuming. Each fixture has to be individually fitted, and the resulting chaos can create a lot of construction mess and obstructions. Construction companies and kitchen manufacturers are increasingly looking for new and improved ways to build kitchens. Modular kitchens are an interesting concept and make the assembly and installation process much smoother and straightforward.

Modular Kitchens constitute a conventional kitchen that is created on-site while the modular kitchen is predesigned and built-in separate facilities.  A dedicated modular business will create the kitchen using the client's specifications and requirements and then deliver it to the site when required. Once on-site, the kitchen is simply moved into position (i.e. the empty room that will function as the kitchen area) and then fixed in place. The utilities are connected (i.e. the gas mains, water pipes, and electricity) and any finishing touches are made.

A modular kitchen maybe a simple kitchenette with a sink and cupboard space, or it may be completely integrated and efficient design with white goods and shelves. These are perfect for apartment blocks, offices, and skyscrapers.

There are various advantages to fitting a modular kitchen:

1.     Easy to Assemble:

It is one of the best features of a modular kitchen that it can be assembled and dissembled. They offer you the flexibility to practically shift the entire kitchen when you move your house and you can also get a part of the kitchen altered or repaired at any point in time without worrying about other parts getting affected.

2.     Cheap Customization:

Modular kitchens are designed keeping requirements of the customer in mind which will not be that expensive. Depending on the customer’s taste, available space, and personal preferences, he/she can get your kitchen customized. Customers can color coordinate his/her kitchen or go for a design that contrasts with the theme of your house.

3.     Space Savers:

The shelves within a modular kitchen enable you to save a lot of space. In some kitchens, you will notice shelves in small corners or tiny spaces, while some are designed to hang on doors. This type of kitchen also allows you to fit appliances along the wall or shelves.

4.     Convenience:

Modular kitchens are made in factories and are then fitted in your house. When you place an order with Sleek Kitchens, you can expect to have the kitchens installed at your home within a month.

5.     Beautiful Appearance:

Modular kitchens come in a range of contemporary and chic designs. From the more elegant and refined designs to something slick and modern, you will find it all at Sleek Kitchens. You will find a number of patterns with attractive aesthetics and the best functionality.

6.     Efficient Storage:

The shelves, cabinets, and drawers of a modular kitchen offer efficient storage. The storage capabilities will help you organize kitchenware items, making cooking and working in the kitchen easy and efficient.

7.     Smart Design:

Modular kitchens are smartly designed, catering to Indian habits. They ensure that you store items that are used most frequently in convenient locations. The kitchen will also be separated into areas for cleaning and cooking. 

Types of modular kitchens are described as follows:

·       One-wall or Straight Modular Kitchen:

The straight modular kitchen is compact, unobtrusive, and versatile and works for both small and large kitchen spaces. It is the most basic kitchen style in which the whole kitchen is set in a straight wall and all the kinds of stuff like a sink, stove, fridge, etc, are in a straight wall.


·       L Shaped Modular Kitchen:

The L shaped modular kitchen is small, compact, discreet very versatile, providing maximum storage. It is the most commonly used layout in the kitchen and it suits best for small homes. Under this layout, the kitchen is in L shape, which means that the kitchen set-up is on two walls of a kitchen and usually the stove is placed on either of the walls.


·       U Shaped Modular Kitchen:

The U shaped modular kitchen fits into longer spaces, affords much storage and countertop space and is very versatile. It uses three walls of the kitchen for the set-up providing a lot of free space. Under this type of kitchen usually, the smallest wall carries the stove, which in most the cases is the wall between two parallel walls.








·       Gallery or Parallel Modular Kitchen:

The Gallery or Parallel modular kitchen is apt for longer rooms, lines with two opposite walls, affords plenty of room for movement and provides ample storage. It is a type where there are two long working areas set-up on two parallel walls. This type of kitchen can be divided into wet and dry zone areas and can be managed accordingly.

·       Peninsula or G-Shaped Kitchen:

Peninsula modular kitchens have well-defined boundaries, separate the cooking space, double up as dining spaces and offer plenty of storage. It has a free standing workspace that provides a secondary counter, work or entertainment area. Unlike an island, this peninsula is connected to the main workspace; making it accessible from three, rather than four sides.


·       Island Modular Kitchen:

An Island modular kitchen is versatile, helps in creation of separate storage and cooking spaces and has a contemporary look and feel. It is the most popular and most fashionable in today’s era. An Island Kitchen has a breakfast table in the kitchen itself and placed in the centre due to which it is called an Island Kitchen.