Someday- Maybe It Was Meant To Be !

Shrishti Aggarwal
May 07, 2020   •  0 views

talking about whats going on in Todays world will itself lead to someday .

When everything was okay we didnt knew how to look for it , how to take care about it but today still living in a room full of services ( internet,food,netflix) we again get to live with insecurites leading to the ideal thought of getting back to the old days .

what are these, these are are insecurities which are leading us to no where except the fact maybe someday at some point of time we could experience our daily lives and see whether it is meant to be okay !

stressing over thing wont make things better rather than making it worse. so what if it doesnt get better ? what are we going to do ? what we exactly will the things come out as ? these are quesstions down the heart of each and every person today who may experience things which never assumed to happen

honestly , none of us has any idea but what if we try to make ourselves happy . The Lockdown , the pandemic was the last thing we could have ever thought of but if we still look for these all we can see is the struggle !

lets not focus on struggle lets look after what was never meant to be . lets look after the only thing which is there -US AND WE . our family friends little babies animals and every person in the world is trying to be positive lets get better with whatever thought we have . lets not think about someday lets think about today because someday can be treated as our past sins or future logistics but today can only be rectified today itself in the very fine hour .