A Song about not being okay:             

I have a couple friends 
But we don’t hangout anymore 
When we do anything 
They always act like
they are bored  
I care and I pretend I don’t 
But I’m okay though 

Mom and dad were fighting 
and I tried to intervene 
It didn’t help at all 
It made it worse if anything 
I cried until I fell asleep 
But I’m okay though 

Everybody tells me
I have to believe 
It’ll get better 
And I’m still waiting 
For it to get better for me
:/ :) :(


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Prateek Porwal  •  4w  •  Reply
I feel it ! nice work
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Niyati   •  3w  •  Reply
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Gautam Sharma  •  5w  •  Reply
This is really deep🥺🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Niyati   •  5w  •  Reply
Thanks 🖤🖤