Does A Healthy Diet Really Exist?

Nishtha Kapoor
Apr 06, 2019   •  38 views

Many of you have read articles or blogs regarding the fact that whatever you do or whatever is happening to your body eventually everything is connected to the diet that you take. The world nowadays is aware of diets like keto, Mediterranean, Vegan and the list continues but actually what helps in transforming your body into a perfect shape is nothing else but patience and discipline. Shocked, right? but it is the truth. (bitter, no).

Based on research carried out for 12 months on different groups of people living only on carbohydrate or fat diet completely concluded that overall weight loss results were the same. The group of people were prohibited from consuming canned food items, sugar, trans fat and refined flour. They were intaking vegetables and following a healthy lifestyle. To everybody's shock, weight loss results were the same for both.

Stop believing whatever the internet says and you must be your own Boss. You are the only one to decide what you want to eat and not the internet. The main motive behind all these diets is to make your diet clean. You only have to avoid oils, junk food and sugar in your diet. If you avoid these, your normal diet is healthy and clean. So, it is a myth that dieting works. To reduce weight or to be healthy you must eat clean and eat right. You can intake carbohydrate or fat in your diet but your diet has to be healthy. Your diet is not sustainable because there are too many restrictions. So irrespective of what diet you are on, you can lose weight if your diet is moderate. It is true that you will lose weight slowly but in a lasting manner.

You can include every food group in your diet but you have to care about the quantity that you intake. Ban no food, eat more good food than bad food.

  • Improved lot of fruits and green vegetables in your diet

  • Always keep yourself hydrated

  • Make yourself feel full all the time

  • Love yourself

The starting week is going to be the hardest, but you must not give up. The results are going to mesmerise you.

Thank You!



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