Tons of women get food cravings while on their period. Here’s why! oestrogen and progesterone are

two of the most important hormones you’ll find in a woman’s body. Throughout her menstrual cycle,

you’d see that the hormone levels are drastically fluctuating through that time. The hormones in

your body can affect almost anything, so it comes as no shock that they can also alter your appetite.

A couple of ways to tackle cravings are: to have small meals at an interval of two hours and instead

of cakes and candies opt for fruits for something sweet.

Well, even if you might get limited relief and benefit but managing your body right and eating

healthy food during that time of the is quite essential for your body. During the Premenstrual

symptoms it has caused diets to crash, as we begin to lose count how many times, we have been

caught with your hands in the junk jar. Elevate your energy and soften your mood swings can be

easy as pie by adhering to a healthy balanced diet or eating right. Women tend to opt for junk food

before and during this period due to the hormonal imbalance. These changes such as hormones are

answerable for our cravings and going into overdrive, flag the need to have replaced unhealthy food

cravings with the specific nutrients the body needs.

Menstruation is followed by the symptoms of body pain, cramps, headache and feeling nauseous.

However, every woman experiences different levels of such symptoms. Some are lucky who barely

go through any, whereas the others struggle to get out of bed. One way to control such cramps is by

regulating our diet. It also helps us feel less swollen or bloated and moderates our mood swings.

Couple of foods we should have during periods are Salmon, Bananas, Dark Chocolate, eggs, lemons,

watermelon and figs. There are not only healthy for us but also helps relax our uterus and avoid

fatigue. Certain foods should also be avoided such as candy snacks, alcohol, processed food and

spicy food. Some of these contain harmful chemicals whereas the others lead to bloating and gas.