What A Training Camp Had Taught Me? On Day 3 Of 4

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This is a continuing series of “What a training camp taught me?”

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Day- 3 Comfort Zone

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Comfort Zone (Source : goalcast)

The night of the second day made this training camp worthy.


Each person of a group has to contribute their 1 hour in night duty around the campsite.

Like, from 10:30pm to 5:30am, we had distributed every hour discussing with the team.

Where I was having a night duty from 3:30 am to 4:30 am.

The greater challenge was to wake up without an alarm.

And, again, it all comes down in teamwork that the person of having night duty will inform and get the other one ready for the next.

Our night duty has ended at 5:30 am and a surprise was announced by the instructor.

None of us knew about this.

He announced to gather all of us in one line in combining each group.And ordered to go for a run.

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Running (Source : Flickr)

Like damn! What? I had not even brushed my teeth and was ready for it. Not even a single person of this camp was ready for this run.

Also, they didn’t inform us of this earlier. It was an absolutely shocking thing. We ran for around 5 km.

Ate nothing before this run, not a warmup or a break between this was done. Right after this, we were told to make a big circle with a distance of pair of hands.

And, they taught various exercises to perform there. All of us were thinking to take a rest and the instructor had come up with this.

Also, the ground was full of small stones, not a plane soft grounded place. We performed several stretching exercises, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, squats, etc such certain types.

Each person was almost exhausted with those sudden turns.

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Exhausted (Source : Nomeatathlete)

After then, we rested, had a healthy breakfast.

And around noon, we were made ready for the same mountain where we did adventure activities, the previous day. Instructors trained us strongly this time in some adventure activities.

In the morning, our lead instructor had already told us that we would be staying the night on the top of the same mountain where we did adventure activities.

Evening time begins and we prepared our tents, also in proper alignment.

Remaining a few people near the tents for safety, everyone was informed to go for dinner.

Where we had to trek in a downside for reaching that place.

The moment we started going down, some sprinkles of water wet my hair.

I was a little surprised. And realised, the rain has just begun. After a few minutes, it was like clouds would going to fall all along with the water. It was as heavy rainfall as you could imagine in your dreams.

And, guess what?

We were trekking downside, yet at night time, still during a rainfall (in fact heavy rainfall).

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Night trek (Source : logoutworld)

All of us were a bit frightened by this atmosphere. Besides, it was a really beautiful environment out there.

Like, trekking, well in the downside, yet in the rainy season still during night time. A wonderful experience, fulfilled with wetness as well.

Our dinner was over and so does that heavy rainfall.

Again, we trekked over the top of the hill, found our tents and changed clothes. Most of all found that the tent was wet from the corners.

Managing somehow, we slept beholding there’s no other option.

What I’ve Learned?

The greatest challenge was to survive with our own bodies.

You can define something challenging when you found it’s out of your comfort zone.

I’ve not brushed that day. You might be thinking “ewww”.

Yes, ‘ewww’, I did the same.

I was not ready for a run, because daily I go for a run with a pre-meal such as Corn-flakes, Oats, or taking a fruit.

This time was different.

If someone asks me what one thing you have learned that you’ll never forget, then it’d be this:

Do train your body, mind in that way that you don’t need to be extremely dependable upon something.

And this only happens when you experiment in the same situations with different styles.

Train yourself, so that you don’t need to get trained in certain phases being sad.

This will turn into a beautiful habit.

A habit of not having any strong ones.

Yes, sometimes you’d have routine, sometimes you won’t.

But in the end, you are having the same big smile on your face most of the moment in your life.

And, the 3rd day ended joyfully.

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