What A Training Camp Had Taught Me? On Day 2 Of 4

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This is a continuing series of “What a training camp taught me?”

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What A Training Camp Had Taught Me? On Day 1 Of 4

Till this day, we know that our leader has opted.

Each one has been introduced personally. The next day in the morning at 5:30 was our fall-in time.

In the system of training camp, “fall in” means meeting together all at one place where the instructor is about to inform some tasks.

This time, the task was a little bit different.

Unknown Location

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Location (Source : Shutterstock)

The instructor had provided a location to every group leader where the task was to reach there all by ourselves with our own group.

The destination was almost 20-25 km in distance from our campsite. Somehow, we managed to reach the location using a public transport bus.

After a few minutes, our instructors had arrived at the same location. Then, it was the time of another challenge.

There was a mountain right after our location, where we were informed to climb to the top of it. And, the task is, a group itself has to find a way to go there. Instructors won’t be going to help.

This was a fascinating experience. Here, each group’s teamwork was tested. This was a really beautiful situation where even failing at track, most of us are enthusiastic because of team spirit.

Though some groups found the track late, yet were fully energised with their teamwork. And this was the main target of our instructors to develop the skill of communication towards building a team spirit with unknown people.

Then, we were told to climb another mountain which was in front of the mountain we’ve climbed.

Yeah, this was the place where most of the activities were held and amazing things had happened in an entire training camp.

Adventure Activities

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Adventure Activities (Source : Sightseeingpassaustralia)

  • Boulder Climbing

  • Caving

  • 2 point – 3 point climbing

  • Rappelling

  • Zip-line Rappelling

  • Commando Rappelling

Up over that mountain, each and every group along with separate instructor (for guidance), had performed various adventure activities.

Some of them are stated just above in the list.

Adventure activities are to fight against own fear. Many of you might be thinking that this blog is described so beautifully or how a person could experience these kinds of stuff this ideally.

Then let me tell you, I’ve just introspected my entire journey and documented it into wisdom criteria so that it allows me to highlight my mistakes, experiences whereas can able to share this to the world.

Moreover, I can also say that I’ve felt despair, with fear and all.

And let me tell you the thing our lead instructor had advised.

“If you are so intended feeling uncomfortable to go back home, then that atmosphere is a real adventure for you.”

Adventure activities allow you to clear out your fears or at least highlights you where you are afraid of.

Some are afraid of height.

Some are afraid of falling badly.

Some are afraid of their fear.

Some are afraid of getting out of the comfort zone.

This was the camp, where I’ve observed a really deep thing that is “fear of the unknown.”

Most of all were afraid of performing the activity, at least for the first time.

I’m totally included in that. I was also afraid of falling, lol.

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Fear Of Unknown (Source : AZquotes)

The lesson I’ve Learned

We are not aware that this fear happens for a temporary phase, where fear is not even a problem.

Fear is an opportunity, an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone, a possibility of extending your own potential.

Performing adventure activities requires guts, because you are entering into a situation which is totally created by you.

On the third day of this training camp, I’ve literally survived with my own comfort zone.

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