What A Training Camp Had Taught Me? On Day 1 Of 4

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Last week, I went for a training camp at Polo Forest, Gujarat, India.

Joining this thing was a beautiful decision and a wonderful choice I’ve ever made in my entire life.

You know why?

Let’s move further than!

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Campsite (Source : Cambridgenews)

Basically, this training camp was about 4 days. And, I’m going to elaborate each day in each writeup as I told you I’ve learned a lot there.

I went for this thing with my 3 friends. Normally, I’m not that kind of person who interacts with someone so directly and fluently. I do hesitate. And I don’t know why (hahaha)

On the first day, we had reached our campsite, reported our presence and were told to rest there for a moment.

After collecting each one of us report, our instructors came and introduced themselves along with the brief information.


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DodgeBall (Source : Fallingcreekcamp)

Those who had joined this training camp were almost 60-70 persons in total. Where mostly everyone had come with their corresponding friends and groups. I was one of them.

We were called out to the ground. Instructors had divided all of us into 2 teams and told to play a game known as dodgeball.

Everyone out there was so excited, playing this game, throwing balls, hitting the team, dodging the team, etc etc.

No one was knowing each other, yet it was a beautiful scenario playing a game out there including all those instructors.

Then, this game was over within half an hour or an hour.

Our lead instructor explained the reason behind this game which they generally call “Icebreaker”. It means the situation where two unknown ice meets. That case is so similar to ours.

This was a very decent way to get interact with stranger wisely.

Group - Making

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Group (Source : Clipartlibrary)

Just after this, the instructor had gathered everyone in two lines.

The turning point of this camp had just begun from here.

The tradition of this camp is - each person must be in a totally unknown group.

I was confused for a moment. Then, we were divided into 8 groups where each one consists of 8-9 members.

I was with the group where I was knowing no one except myself (lol).

We were strictly informed that no-one will try to interact with people of another group. If someone does so and the instructor knew that, then that person must obey a punishment.

Trek - Time

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Trekking A Mountain (Source : TripAdvisor)

We had lunch.

Next, we went for a trek to a mountain which was just behind the campsite.

Again, considering the strict instructions, we were only allowed to talk with group members only.

This trek was quite risky due to the rainy climate. Yet, it was a fascinating experience.

There was a spirit of teamwork where the team has just made. Beautiful Scenario.

I got so excited to feel this thing out there. Like, everyone was cheering each member of a group to climb a hill.

And, helping one another providing water, peppermints, glucose tablets, etc etc.

The trek was amazing.

We had spent almost 2-3 hours from starting and ending the same.

Dinner Time And A Vital Decision

The time where our group was decided, the instructor had informed us to opt a leader out of whatever 8-9 members of the group.

We had dinner.

Then, it was the time of selecting a leader.

Finally, after some time, we opted the reliable person and informed the name.

This was how my first day went, and the conclusion I’ve figured out is.


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Meeting A Stranger (Source : Medium)

On the first day of camp, it has taught me how to interact with a stranger, how to treat them, how to respect and how to listen to them.

From icebreaker to group making,

From group making to trek time,

And from trek time to opting a leader.

The very finest thing I’ve learned and realize was the power of communication.

I’ve failed here badly, did mistakes, learned and moved.

Like, I had already shared my experience of what happens when you meet a stranger at

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The real you define when you meet a stranger, most of the time.

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