What A Training Camp Had Taught Me? On Day 4 Of 4

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This is a continuing series of “What a training camp taught me?”

If you haven’t read about previous ones here, then do check out to tune in here afterward.

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This was the last day of our training camp.

And also this write-up.

It was like everyone had made a routine of being in that training camp.

Each one of us was familiar with each other.

Following rules of the camp had become so habitual.

Then came the 4th day.

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Day-4 (Source : islamphobia)

That morning, we were all headed back to our campsite from staying the night up over that beautiful mountain.

We had a healthy breakfast and got ready for further tasks.

And, there were no tasks left, we were told to gather at the ground and play dodge ball again just like we had in an ice-breaker.

Yet, this time it happened in keen teamwork.

Basically, this training camp was for volunteering trekking camps in future camps.

Here, whoever has joined this training camp, will support the lead instructor, camp manager, and another instructor as a volunteer in the coming camps.

Moreover, these camps will have approx. 50-60 people as participants.

That is why, the motive of this training camp, this teamwork, this respectful punishment, communication skills were for being supportive one in actual trekking camps with various tourists participating in trekking camps.

Due to this reason, we were taught different energiser games.

The energiser games allow the participants to get acknowledged and involve wonderfully in the camp.

Our lead instructor had taken various sessions over the management of volunteering, casualty serving, helping the staff, some leadership attitude skills, and many more.

In the end, we all were concluded with one basic yet essential aspect of life.

And that is appropriate communication.

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Appropriate Communication (Source :



With meeting new people, we got introduced to each other indirectly while playing dodge ball - sports games.

Our respect over communication was taught by involving unknown ones in a group.

Day -2

While dealing with various tasks, we’ve realised the essence of teamwork.

Yes, it seems cliche, but not when you actually out there.

Day -3

A routine had created, where we learned you can survive without any serious routine.

Yes, your comfort zone.

  • Train yourself, so that you don’t need to get trained in certain phases being sad.

  • This will turn into a beautiful habit. A habit of not having any strong ones.

  • Yes, sometimes you’d have routine, sometimes you won’t.

It was like a happy ending.

And ended happily serving lemon juice.

And a delicious sweet including that in a lunch.

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Happy Ending (Source - Lockologyescaperooms)

The joy of teamwork, team spirit, better communication yet also some harsh punishments, exercises, adventure activities was way too astonishing.

We were like going through discussing each moment in that time, remembering everything.

Well, it was a decent introspection.

Concluding The Conclusion - A Poem

Unknowns got known

When we interact

Knowns got pretty known

The day we did respect

Pretty known got worthy

That moment we really felt

We truly know them

When we learn to

How to communicate!

Still, I’ve left one thing to share about communication.

I’ve been through a stereotype person in that training camp, tried to avoid.

While introspecting, I realised it was me.

Thinking to write upon some aspects of stereotype situations and people.

Do let me know about it in the comment section if you relate this as well.

Thank You For Reaching Out Here!



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