How Your Own Experience Helps You In So Many Ways? #1

Nirmit Shah
Sep 01, 2019   •  6 views

I’ve come up with a new series type blog article.

As you already know the title about “your own experience,'' let me explain this in brief that these series will have mostly my own experiences, and sometimes I’ll put out a story with characters having it.


This is a genuine experience sharing series (which I'm sure you’ll love it.) Don’t take it personally, just relate the situations here and treat the conclusions of all as a kind of thinking. Thank you so much for reaching out here.

When I was in 9th grade, my mustache has originated it’s placed right below my nose. Seriously, it was too creepy to me.

I don’t know why but I actually hate mustache.

If you are a boy reading out this, then let me ask this “Do you hate mustache?”

Read on to know the story behind this…

Mustache (Source: Wikihow)

It is the time when I was in 11th Grade and was too frustrated with my mustache.

So guess what?

I’ve tried to reduce it using scissors.

Then, I looked at the mirror, and ……?

My face was looking so stupid that I’ve never imagined it could be because of it’s uneven cut.

And what happened next? I REMOVED IT.

Damn! I cried.

They laughed at me (Source : Research Digest)

In school, tuition, apartments, everywhere I was the reason for comedy out there.

I was literally hating those situations. Well! Of course, everyone will dislike it as it’s our human behavior.

After some months, hairs over that area started growing and again ended up with this.


Now, this is the case where I was hating without a mustache as well as with it.

It’s like a desirable approach which now I can understand that it’ll never end.

As I was hating it, I had decided to reduce it via saloon guy whenever I went for a barber's place.

And I am doing this excluding the past 2 months. Two months back, I thought to use trimmer instead of reaching Barber’s place. Reason for that was, I was only going there thrice or twice a month and in that period, my mustache is growing where I’m hating.

Standing in front of the mirror, I was so hesitant to use trimmer because of constantly remembering the situation of 11th Grade.

Now, my mind was targeting to reduce those hairs and so planned to go with the highest marked mm size which cuts the least hair.

The size was 7mm.

No hair was cut, then I tried 5mm that allowed some hair to cut and got shaped mustache.

But still, I was not satisfied with that and tried for 3mm.

Cheers! It helped, everything was cut and shaped as I wanted. I finally felt good because I found my way of getting through it trimming it once a week.

Sorted Out (Source : careeraddict)


How slowly change has happened?

In 11th, I got situations to suffer from a phase where a face was without a mustache.

Then after that, I’ve started reducing it regularly but was still fearing to do it my own.

A few months back, I’ve sorted out all and now I can adjust it to my will.

Everything takes time, which you really don't know when you acquired it.


Subconsciously, I’ve not made the same mistake again because I was aware of it.

This shows that when you know what you really need, then you’ll be absolutely hyperactive with no doubts at all.


And this is how I’m sharing my lame incident or call it “worst and stupid” (lol hahaha). It actually was.

If you are a boy reading this and suffered from such cases then you can relate this too easily.

This is how I documented this writeup and it helped me in a lot of ways where this was also one of them.

Comment your experience related to mustache :p

Wait for the next part of this!

Are you excited?