Hair Styling Tools Everyone Should Have In Their Arsenal

Jun 12, 2020   •  3 views

Everyone has that one hairstyle they rock every day. Your hair is essentially a free, highly versatile accessory that you can change and style as you please. Over the past few years, people have used their hair to express their creative side and add a touch of their own unique personality to their overall appearance. Regardless of how you dress or the style you go for, there’s a hairstyle to match every outfit. Going for something a little more athletic? Throw your hair into a ponytail or bun. Opting for something a little more casual or summery? Add some waves or loose curls to your hairdo. There really is a hairdo for every outfit and aesthetic. (Info source:


Similar to how there is a wide variety of hair styles available to choose from, there are also several different hair styling tools that can be used to assist you in creating said hair styles. Whether your desired outcome is to have straight, sleek hair; beautiful, bouncy Botticelli waves; defined curls or a perfect blowout, there are various products available in South Africa to choose from. The only issue is deciding which ones to purchase. While there are several wild, wonderful and unique hair styling tools available on the market, there are a few tools everyone should have in their arsenal, some of which will be discussed further below.


The hairstyles everyone should be able to create is a blowout, straight, sleek hair and defined curls or loose waves. There are several different hair styling tools that can be used to create said hairstyles, the ones that are a necessity in everyone’s collection of hair styling tools are:


1.      A hair curling tool

There are several different types of hair curling tools you could opt for. Depending on the type of curl you’re wanting to achieve, you could opt for either a curling wand or heated hair rollers. Both will give you stunning curls. The difference simply lies in the type of curl achieved. These hair styling tools are an essential if you’re wanting to have the most fun with your hair.


2.      A hair straightener

Your hair straightener will become your best friend if you know how to use it properly, as well as opt for the best one for your hair type. Out of all the hair styling tools mentioned, it is the only one that comes in a variety of sizes, e.g. a micro straightener, standard straightener and wide straightener.


3.      A professional hair dryer

This is possibly the most important hair styling tool anyone could ever own. Not only do they cut your hair drying time in half, but they also leave your hair looking silky and healthy. With a professional hair dryer, you could use it to simply dry your hair, or you could take it a step further and create a salon-quality blow out. The hair dryer is one of the most versatile hair styling tools on the market, if you’re considering which of the above-mentioned tools to purchase first, it should be the hair dryer.