Don't Do These While Listening A Song In Traveling!

Nirmit Shah
Jul 05, 2019   •  896 views

Communication leads to better aspect

Do you love listening to songs?Especially, while travelling via bus and singing all along with people around together?What if two different songs are to be played simultaneously?

This is the time where I was heading towards my base camp from pathankot station in a trekking camp.Many groups had joined this camp and we all were together in a bus, almost about 45 persons.I was feeling the cold calm breeze coming from the side window and enjoying the real scenario of sun-set, mountains, trees while travelling by bus.

After sometime, a group of 13 who were in last row played a journey song and encouraged all of us to sing and have fun.Everything was good and fine till half-an-hour.

Suddenly, some other people who were near the driver , started playing their favourite songs so loudly like it seems to be a revenge or such.I can say that it was a situation same as a chaos over a traffic signal but this was due to annoying matter of playing different music same time.Both the groups were chasing one-another just like they are in a battle of a game which may get awarded afterwards only by this non-sense stuffs again and again.

I must say, they were not enjoying the journey but showing off how great their speaker can make a sound with and that was creating an unnecessary anger and jealousy atmosphere.

Just after that, a gentleman suggested a really beautiful idea so that all of us can listen to each other’s favourite tracks while enjoying the journey.The idea was to play a song one after one, turn by turn, so that both of the groups can get chance to listen and play their tracks.Hence, applying such idea, none of them in the bus got bored yet we all were curious and had fun a lot.

How communication had played a vital role?

If both of the groups never communicate this topic, then they both would chase each other and end up everything in hatred. A gentleman was a wise person and he suggested this thing and within a minute or a few, everything had changed.

It had only took little polite and kind conversation that resulted into better understanding.Also, we had learned that by using such tips, there is always benefit to everyone.It’s like win-win situation.

Ethic Statement- Try handling every moment in win-win situation, it'll not only help others but also you



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