I vividly recall the kindergarten student who took my hand in hers when I got lost on the way to class, and she didn't let go until I accidentally slipped my hand out of hers one day. else did she?

When I was looking for a place to settle down, I still have fond memories of the person who showed me the road to new horizons with their piercing gaze. Those bold eyes always ensured I ended up on a smooth route. Until one day when the eyes were no longer as bold.

I can still clearly recall the person who addressed me as theirs and who held themselves up to be my guardian untill one day when I felt vulnerable with them.

However I never built a wall around me and stopped people getting into me, I still meet new people and let myself into them untill they hold a special place in my heart. As you know there are lot of people out there who are yet to love you.

I wait for the day when I can talk to people without feeling vulnerable because I don't think I'll ever let go of this innocent part of me. I can think of countless eyes, hands, and souls that have significantly affected me and moulded my existence, the Memories that I constantly desire to relive.