MEMES, a quite famous word, we young generation is aware of. We laugh seeing them, we share these with our friends, we talk about them but do you know where these came from? Well, what memes we know today is a quite old concept from the1900's. MEME was coined by RICHARD DAWKINS in his book in 1976 when he was talking about how information spreads fastly. What we see today is a form of Internet Memes, explained by Dawkins as "hijacking of the original idea". As we can see, Memes can be images, Gifs or Videos.

As we can see, the concept of memes goes way back to 1900s but it came into light in recent years only with the advancement in social media platforms. What we youngsters understand about Memes is that they are just a way of making fun of people, ideas and some time cultures.

These were started to spread ideas about current issues and practices going on in society in a funny way without offending anyone, but now Memes have turned into Trolls.

Now, Memes are not made to bring light to social problems but are made to affect people, celebrities and institutions in positive as well as negative way. These Memes trolls have made normal people as Internet sensations such as Priya Prakash Warrior, The RCB girl or have destroyed many celebrities image by trolling them unnecessarily even for their personal decisions.

Memes have become an unhealthy way of socializing. Netizens, as called, these people troll celebs from their eating habits to wearing decisions if they don't get pleased with them.

Sometimes, these memes contents are even illogical as recent ongoing trend of #JCB_KI_KHUDAI meme. Memers are comparing this meme with whatever they get, be it celebs or dialogues from old movies or marriage.

Not only funny images are considered Memes, other forms such as vines and Dank content are also considered Memes. Vines are a form of short videos where makers act to give a powerful message or to make just for fun content. Youtube has been home to this vine meme form. Talking about Dank Memes, Dank means cool so Dank memes are such memes where dialogues of famous shows are used as an answer to questions that make them funny or hilarious. Nowadays, a new format of memes has gone viral, which is cartoons. In this, makers using their artistic skills dram funny cartoon to use them as a joke on others.

Be it Dank memes, Vines, Cartoons or Troll memes, makers should use this platform for promoting a healthy environment, not to disgrace anyone for their fun.