Accurate Coffin Dance Guitar Tabs (Multi - Single String)

Arpit Mittal
Apr 27, 2020   •  1773 views

Hello Everyone as all of you know the guitar tabs of coffin dance meme is trending everywhere so we planned to cover and post the coffin dance guitar tabs on this platform. Originally this song was created by Astronomia (Vicetone & Tony) We have also shared the video of the original soundtrack at the end of the article which is being used in the coffin dance memes. So basically to come up withe coffin dance tabs, the tabs are generated from the Atronomia sound track.

The guitar tabs for coffin dance meme that we have shared here are multi string tabs.

Coffin Dance Guitar Tabs


I hope you like the coffin dance/funeral dance guitar tabs. We will soon publish the guitar tabs of Bella Ciao.

Original Song



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Atharva Pote  •  3y  •  Reply
awesome 😊
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Arpit Mittal  •  3y  •  Reply
Thank you