Many people are trading in 2021, and there are many trends here to follow. Some of them are new and are just being explored, while others have been around for some time, but have gained especially a lot of attention recently. Let us have a look at some of the biggest trends within trading in 2021.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is a very popular form of investing and has been for a long time. Here, it is all about speculation in foreign currencies, to try and predict which one will be more valuable than the other. The values here are highly fluctuant, and you are also operating in a market that is worth roughly $2409 trillion. If you want to trade forex, you can do it online through a number of online brokers. Remember that you must learn all the ways you can trade, and the best strategies to make it big. Read more about it at


The cryptocurrency trend started in 2008 when the alias Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is now the most popular and valuable in the world. Many people are looking to get their hands on some bitcoins, and buy, sell, or hold them online. It has become more and more mainstream and is not restricted to advanced investors. However, there is an immense technology behind them, and it is important to be aware of how it works. This is for example the blockchain technology found in bitcoins. It works as a public accounting book and ensures safe use of the currency.


Day Trading

The popularity of day trading increased a lot in 2020 and is believed to still be relevant a long time ahead. The trading form stands out from for example normal stock trading because it happens all on the same day. However, there are many similarities, and as with all investing, it is about buying low and selling high. It is very risky and can be quite stressful, as you are operating with your investment objects within the same stock exchange day. If you want to have a go at it, remember to be prepared and know the risks.

Meme Investing

Using the internet to gather useful information is nothing new, but now it is the online forums that are becoming valuable for investors. People are turning to a site like Reddit, to find stocks to invest in. It is not unusual to find memes connected to the given stock, to promote it and create momentum. This is also the reason for the name and was one of the sources for popular stocks like Game Stop and AMC.

Trading can be both interesting and valuable, and it is always important to be up to date on any trends or news when it comes to it. This can give you some ideas on how you should trade, as well as make you more knowledgeable, which is always a good idea when investing. Remember to research the given trend and make sure that you know fully how the given strategy works.