Stage Ship is the oldest ship which had been carrying 400-500 passengers in it to sail across the sea was populary known to everyone by the Captain of the Stage Ship.

The Stage ship became worldwide popular in 1975 during the draconian Emergency.At that time there were only a few modes of transport so people used to travel in ships and even some popular figures where the other ship workers/crew used to bring them to the Stage ship calling them as "Guest of the Ship".

The Captain had a witty quality. He was strict and honest. Whatever he feels he used to say it directly on to the face. This attitude made him a bit popular among the people at that time. He started to say the dark truths of the sea to people in the ship by charging them 4.5 annas. People started to enjoy it in later times people travelled in the Stage ship just to listen to his stand up comedy in which he says the dark and bitter truths of the sea and what really happens between the fishermen and the fish.

His story was not reeled it was real!
The captain performed more than 11 thousand times, over a span of 45 years, sailing across the countries like United States, Australia, Singapore, and England.

Slowly his voice was able to reach the people who were in the dark truth of the sea! They opposed him and warned him that his ship would be destroyed but The Captain didn't care about it. Started his journey in the Stage ship with his fellow crew members of the ship and his voice against the people who were misusing the sea.

Can't imagine his popularity at those times?

Indira Gandhi, Prime minister of India listened to his voice recordings!

This was my imaginative story which formed in my eyes when I saw The Captain death news on the television yesterday morning.

Slowly the reference I took in my imagination started to fade and the real things are now visible!

The Captain of the stage ship was Master Hirannaiah.

The Stage ship is the Theater.

The People in the ship is Audience.

The Sea is the Government.

In his theaters he said "There are two kinds of people", Hirannaiah once said in a speech. "Those who live as they are dead and those who live even after they are dead. The first kind, those who live as they are dead.. you can see them everywhere. Do you want to see them in one place? Go to Vidhana Souda (state assembly). It is a houseful. Why are they called alive? Because their hands move — to take bribe and salary. The others are those who live even after they are dead. Like Kuvempu (poet), Rajkumar (actor), Masthi (Venkatesha Iyengar)... I want to be alive even after I am dead," he said.

May our Captain soul rest in peace!

The audience is my sensor board. They have paid for their ticket if they have a problem or they disagree they can stand up and talk about it. —Master Hirannaiah,