Everyone has something dark in their life and it can be anything; an unspeakable truth, an unforgettable experience and even a terrible nightmare. Dark has its own stages in everyone’s life.

Life becomes unpredictable at times,

Even without committing any single crime.


The foremost stage, known as the stage of “reduce”; where person decides to overcome from the certain incident. Everytime when person starts to reduce his memories, flashback mode starts working and he becomes unable to wipe-out the memories. From the next day, he again starts with the same process in which he failed to progress last night. After week or so, he finally able to reduce his memory to some extent.

Secondary stage is the stage of “reuse”, when actually person moves forward to transform the darker memories into good thoughts. It’s the stage where mind and inner soul get into a tussle with each other to prove their dominance level over a person. Inner soul plays a vital role in one’s life. The voice which comes above all is the voice of our inner soul. Inner soul will carry off the battle ahead where a person finally able to make changes within himself.


Then we have the stage of recycle where developments are clearly evident to all. But the journey doesn’t stops here only. Person will ultimately win the brawl when he becomes able to speak the truth in front of the whole world. Your truth will be acceptable by the world or maybe leave them speechless but on the other side you are going to make best out of it.

Truth is the best healing power which will help you to carry your journey ahead. It doesn’t matter how darker is your dark but truth will always light up your life.