Can Stage Presence Be Taught At An Early Age?

Mohit Gupta
Jan 27, 2022   •  11 views


There are a lot of things to keep in mind regarding the kid’s overall development and growth. And it is also true that these little curious minds, grasp and learn things way faster than we think. Grooming and nurturing kids from the very beginning is the key to having a skilful and bright career for these children. We all are aware of the fact that kids do have fears be it stage fears, public speaking fears, darkness fear and so forth. But that is absolutely normal and fine. Overcoming these fears is what matters in the end. 


When kids can start learning most of the things at an early age, why can’t they learn the art of stage presence? Teaching kids the technique and ways of learning how to be present firmly at the stage is simple and requires guidance & support, which we are going to learn in this article.  


Here are ways on how children can be taught stage presence at an early age:

·       Body language & attitude- Teaching the etiquettes of stage presence is important. Body language like staying calm, keeping body posture upright brings a good outlook and attitude. This should be taught to the kids, right from the beginning at home or school. 

·       Tackling errors with behavioural change- We all make errors but how we tackle the situation is crucial. For example, while speaking, the person forgets his part, in this scenario, he/she can continue despite the error and behave normally. This removes stage fear and builds up confidence. Children can gain these ways by taking an active part in co-curricular activities like Dance, Drama and so on.

·       Sense of humour & voice pitch deck- having a little sense of humour can save you from disasters and of course the tone you speak in. For instance, at stage using varying speaking tones & humour, helps the audience gain attention to the speaker. And this can be taught to kids in day-to-day life by making him/her participate in school elocutions, debates, talking to friends, family, teachers etc.



It is okay for kids to be hesitant to stage presence but they can overcome gradually. Of course, there are a lot many ways & techniques to develop and teach kids about stage presence. No kid is the same and every kid requires a different approach to the same goals. But the points mentioned above, are the basic and most important tenants of teaching stage presence in a child. Parents and school teachers are the core when it comes to inculcating a good habit in a child. So concludingly, we can now say that stage presence can be taught at an early age. Stay safe, stay healthy, till then adios.