As we look around the world and see what people are going through…Does it break your heart? I’m sure it does. It breaks our hearts to see the pain, the sorrow and the agony that each person is going through.

BUT the Grace and Mercy of God has kept us safe and it is our duty to pray for one another.

We can’t give people words of comfort because situations around us are so painful. Words cannot comfort them anymore. People are losing Hope and living in fear.

So, does it seem like we can’t do anything? There is one thing that we can do which is the best to offer for the dear ones around us. WE CAN PRAY FOR THEM and leave them in the hands of our creator.

Sometimes we make self-centred prayers but it is our duty to pray for souls around us, who need to be saved and protected

The ships that we are sailing in our life’s journey. The Ships of Joy have turned into ships of sorrow.

In a time like this we can join hands and pray for people.

Yes! This is what God wants and He will listen to our prayers.

All we have to do is tell it all to Him and fix our eyes on Him and always believe.

It might feel like it’s just one prayer that cannot make any difference, but its “ONE PRAYER”

that can make a huge difference for people just like you and me.

True prayers offered with true hearts will be Honoured