It’s really a big question not even more than the sentence itself , but the answer is because i want everyone to know that there is a writer in me.

I was in class 7th when i got a novel as a prize from a school competition. I don’t remember what the competition was about but i still remember my first novel was ‘‘ FANTASTIC FIVE’’. I belonged from a family where reading Hindi magazines was a thing but not English.

So, i never had a guide how to read a book specially an English book and too a novel.

I read the first page was a bit difficult but with a dictionary i was trying hard to hold the story. The novel had merely 150 ( now it’s mere for me but at that time it wasn’t ) , even in vacations giving my full attention towards it , i completed that story in 15 days.

The result was i used to go to a Second Hand book store every month; for a new novel . And now it’s me writing.