Reading books is the most favourite part of the day of Bookworms. Their favourite discussion is talking about Books, it's characters, plots and again new books.

But how to identify Bookworms? Here is the list of the same:

To-read booklist can never be small

For Bookworms, books are everything. For them, books are their best friends, their love partner and what not! The book list of Bookworms can never get finished or smaller. They tend to research about new books and write this in their To-read list and hence, never ending cycle of Making a list of books to read and reading them.

Spends too much money on books

Unlike other people who spends money on things like Clothes, food and other accessories, Book Nerds spends most of their money on books. For them, other things are secondary things and books are the most important part of their life. Even if they already have lots of books at home, they cannot resist buying more books.

Books > Movies

Bookworms always prefer books over movies. No matter how much the movie is interesting, they like books more than movies. Book Readers get so much involved in books that it won't make much difference for them whether it's a movie or a book. They enjoy reading books more than anything.

Ideal location "Bookstore or library"

Whatever it is and whoever you are, their ideal location will always be related to books. They enjoy those locations where they can find novels, whether it is a bookstore, library or any restaurant having lots of books. And yes, they even can enjoy their own company when going to these places.

Dream home has a huge library

Ask any Book lover about their dream home, they would surely say about having a huge library containing lots of books in their dream house. As mentioned earlier, for them their first priority is always books.

Have lots of information about Books

Ask anything about books or about genre of books, they will always have an answer for the same. Book Nerds have lots of knowledge about books, authors, places you can buy books and other stuff related to the same.

So, here are a few of the traits of bookworms which will help you to recognise them easily :)