Books are Beautiful. They help you to be a better person both physically and mentally. Apart from helping you to increase your vocabulary, it also makes you creative, Creative in person and creative for ideas.

There are millions of books around the world. Some of them you have read, some of which you want to read and many of them which you have not even know about it. It is so because as said above, there are so many books that one whole life is less to read all of them.

Yet, there are few of them which you must read once in your lifetime. Here are 5 of the few books which are really very good and will change you to be a better and more optimistic person:

Tuesday with Morrie

Tuesday with Morrie is one of the world bestseller books which was published in 1997 and is written by an american author Mitch Albom. It is a wonderful book about the meaning of life and life's important lessons which we sometimes tend to forget because of our busy schedules. The book is about the author and the life lessons given to him by his professor, Morrie Schwartz. He rediscovered Morrie in the last months of the old man's life. Mitch visit every Tuesday to the old man's house about How to live. The book is refreshing, sweet and beautiful and should be read by every person who wants to learn about the important lessons of life such as love, happiness, positivity, family etc.


The book was written by Paulo Coelho and has inspired lots of people around the world. The story is about a shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to Egypt in search of the buried treasure. Along the way, he meets gypsy woman, an old man who calls himself King and an alchemist. When the dream during the night occurs frequently, that is when it was a turning point in his life. This piece of novel is about destiny, desire and what you want to achieve. Giving you an important lesson of life to achieve your dreams, this book was published more than 15 years but is still known to be best selling novel of all time.

The monk who sold his ferrari

Written by Robin sharma, the book is an Inspiring tale of a man named Julian Mantle who left his career of law and become a monk which changes his life is a positive way. This book gives essence to life and is a life changing novel who is struggling because of work or any other reason. The answers which lies in the book are all related to the ancient Indian techniques which monks and Yogis use till now. Also, This book motivates and inspires to be a better person in life by making balance in your career, hobbies and relationships.

The power of your subconscious mind

Like Alchemist, this book is also one of the world's best selling novels of all time. The book was written by Joseph Murphy and is one of the most amazing and spiritual self help books which helps you to heal yourself mentally and physically. This book focuses on your conscious and subconscious mind and all the life events occurring are related to these. The book motive is the same but is divided into different chapters and small sections making it crystal clear to you. This is an informative and easy to read book which can be enjoyed by everyone and also teaches you to heal yourself by controlling your subconscious mind.

The five people you meet in heaven

The book was written by the author of Tuesday with Morrie and is considered to be another best Book of Mitch Albom. The story revolves around an old man who died at the age of 83. He awakes in an afterlife where he meets 5 people, either he knows them too well or he just cross the path once and later, realised that heaven is not a destination. The book taught the idea of a death and afterlife. The book is heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure. It also teaches us about how our actions could affect the other person's life. This novel was so amazing that it remained on the New York best seller for 95 weeks.