There are many books around the world. And the worst thing is that this one life is not enough to complete all the books in the world. From Alchemist to thousand splendid suns, you can find books of different genres and they are really amazing to read. Books takes you to another happy and imaginary world and helps you to increase your vocabulary and creativity.

But at times, We do not get enough time to read books. Maybe, because of the busy schedule or because we do not have any Book to read right now.

However, There is a solution to both of the problems mentioned above. You can read books online on various websites and apps anytime and anywhere. Thus, saving your time, money and can read anywhere you want.

Here are the list of few of the Good apps to read books online:


Anybooks is an app which you can easily find on play store. Here on this app, you can find thousands of books free of cost. Moreover, there is no necessity of signing in to read the books. Just search the book, download it and read it offline. Apart from this, the app is also easy to use. From Durjoy Dutta's love stories to the Harry Potter series, all are available at one place i.e. anybooks. Even if you are not able to find the book you want to read, just submit the name of the book and author of the same and could also search the meaning of any word while reading the book.


This app is a user friendly app which helps you to read the original stories online and is easily available on play store. Although, the app is mainly for light readers. But apart from this, you can also write the story you want the world to listen. This app also allows you to read fanfiction about your favourite characters from any Book, series etc and original stories of your favourite character too.

This is a website where you can find Thousand of books and can download and read offline.The books are arranged in different categories which make it easier to access them based upon your preferences.This website is also easy to use and user friendly. Thus, you can read books, whether you are in the metro or when you are at the office or whenever you feel lazy to get up.

Google Play books

This is a mostly an inbuilt apps on Android phones or else could be easily found on play store. Here in this app, you can purchase and download ebooks and audio books. Google Play Book also has a feature of night light mode which makes convenient for users to read at night. Not only this, you can also search for the meaning while reading the book.

Open library

Open Library is a project of the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization. This is another website where you can find and borrow Thousand of books of various authors on the same platform. The only thing is that you have to sign up for the same. After searching for the book, you can either read it online or offline.


Scribd is an app which you can easily find on play store. Here in this app, you can find thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, documents etc. You have to sign up for 30 days trial and after that have to subscribe for the same. Not only for Book lovers, you can also find sheet music selections for the music lovers and artists.


This is a website where you can find books that just aren't fictions. It is an easy to use ebooks site with variety of genre which includes romance, poetry, classics and biographies. Although, not every book here is free so just make sure that you click the “free” tab before searching for a book. You can download ebooks in various formats as well such as EPUB, MOBI, PDB and TXT.

Amazon Kindle

This is one of the best book apps to download and read books online. It has a well designed marketplace where Kindle unlimited and Amazon Prime members can simply select and download ebooks directly in the app. Not only this, this app has an inbuilt dictionary, Google and Wikipedia to get meaning or more information about something related to the book you are reading.



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